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A mom and son's bond is unlike any other. No matter how much time passes, a mother will always look at her son as if he's the little boy she once raised. It's beautiful to see grown men express their love and appreciation for the women who brought them into this world, and we honestly can't get enough of it. 

There are so many celebrities who constantly gush about their moms and praise them for all that they did to make them the men they are today. Raising a son and making sure that he turns into a good man is not easy, and it often comes with many challenges. But the moms of these celebrities have really done a fantastic job based on how much their boys love them. 

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Maluma was heavily criticized for showing off how much he spoiled his mom for her 50th birthday, but that's insane! He has the means to treat her to the finer things in life to show his gratitude for all that she's done for him. If you can't spoil your mom and share your success with her, then what's the point? Moms deserve all the credit in the world and to be treated like the queens we are, right? 

Other famous guys who often express their love for their mother are Juanes, J Balvin, Carlos Vives--and we love it! Scroll through to see which guys have a super close bond with their mommas and see which ones look just like each other. 

Alejandro Fernández just loves his mom. 1

He shared this adorable photo giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek and thanked her for being there for him in his best moments. 


Juanes couldn't praise his mom enough if he tried. 2

Every time the singer writes a post about his mom Alicia it's enough to bring a tear to our eyes. 


Cristian Castro adores his mom, Verónica Castro. 3

The bond these two stars share is unbreakable, and they're truly one of the best mom and son duos.

Cristiano Ronaldo's mom is right by his side, no matter what. 4

Maria Dolores loves her son so much and spends so much time with him and his kids and it's so adorable.


Carlos Vives keeps his mom close. 5

Aracely Restrepo de Vives has been super present in her superstar son's life, and it's so heartwarming.


Lin-Manuel Miranda's mom is his favorite date. 6

Lin-Manuel Miranda's mom is his favorite date.

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The Hamilton creator is rarely seen at a major event without his mom, Luz, standing by his side.


Luis Fonsi is practically the male version of his mom, Delia. 7

Look how much they look alike!

William Valdes' love for his mom makes us melt! 8

Honestly, his love for his mother is so inspiring and it's such a joy every time he shares a pic of himself with her on Instagram. He posted this in July 2018, and captioned it: "Couldn't ask for a better date today." So sweet!


Gael Garcia Bernal owes a lot to his mom. 9

He not only looks exactly like his famous mom, Patricia Bernal, but he also got his acting talent from her!

J Balvin is constantly gushing about his mom. 10

The Colombiano definitely adores his whole family, but his mom is the apple of his eye.


The love Maluma has for his mom is remarkable. 11

He's constantly spoiling his lady with birthday parties, fancy presents and even a surprise visit from Marc Anthony

Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette have been through a lot. 12

Pattie raised Justin as a single mom and was the reason why her son became a pop star. She posted videos of him singing on YouTube and that's how he was discovered. The mom and son have gone through their fair share of ups and downs but are still super close. 


There's nothing we love more than Manolo Vergara's relationship with his mom, Sofia. 13

There's nothing we love more than Manolo Vergara's relationship with his mom, Sofia.

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These two share the same crazy and wild sense of humor and they remain close no matter how grown up Manolo is. 

Nicky Jam can still act like a child around his mom. 14

No matter how old or successful he becomes, there's always room for him on his mother's lap.


What would Rob Kardashian do without his mom? 15

What would Rob Kardashian do without his mom?

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No one has Rob's back quite like his mom, Kris Jenner. She has been by his side through his darkest times and continues to do everything to keep her only son happy. 

Alex Rodriguez gives his mom all the credit for his success. 16

His mom, Lourdes, has been by his side every step of the way throughout his career.


Drake's mom is the center of his world. 17

Drake's mom is the center of his world.

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It's hard to get through a Drake song without him mentioning his mom in some way. Sandi raised him as a single mom so the rapper has the upmost love and respect for her.

Perez Hilton is his mom's No. 1 fan. 18

The media personality shares the cutest pics and videos of his mom on Instagram and it looks like they have the cutest relationship.


Christopher Velez and his mom are the cutest. 19

The love between these two is so real! It's hard to forget Chris' mom's incredible reaction when he was named one of the members of CNCO on La Banda.

Gerard Piqué and his mom are two peas in a pod. 20

Montserrat Bernabeu can be spotted sitting next to Shakira at any of the soccer star's matches. Not only that but he definitely got his good looks from her. They look so much alike, it's scary.