This is what Alex Rodriguez is getting Jennifer Lopez for Christmas

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez household. The former Yankees player is already cooking up something big to give to his girlfriend as a Christmas present, but it's not something money can buy. 

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Since J.Lo is such a successful, rich and independent woman we're sure it takes a lot more than jewelry and cars to impress her. After all, her love doesn't cost a thing. So Alex has quite a challenge on his hands to make sure he gets her something that's just perfect. But the Fox Sports personality seems to have the right ideas already. 

It's only November, but Alex is already in the holiday spirit.

Alex knows what's important in life and during this season so he partnered up with Old Navy for Giving Tuesday, on November 27, and along with the company raised $1 million to donate to the Boys and Girls Club's Onward program.  


Alex is an expert at giving back, and he's already planning something beautiful for his lady.

"It has to be something creative. I can't just go out and buy something expensive. For Jennifer, something that is handwritten or maybe is a photo--I don't want to give any secrets away for this holiday," he told Access. "It's something that is heartfelt. It is something that resembles a memory that we've had together that involves our children or involves our home. Ultimately, that's what it is all about."


So what do you give a girl who has it all?

Alex has to dig deep to find something that J.Lo can't just buy for herself. Luckily for him, Jen doesn't ask for much and seems pretty happy with even the smallest most simple things in life. Just last Christmas, our humble queen was absolutely thrilled to receive some workout leggings and a beanie hat for Christmas and it was so cute!

But we have some ideas for Alex.

Perhaps he can buy something from the heart like a diamond ring, a puppy, a horse or a handwritten letter would be a good gift to give her. He could also purchase a star and name it after them. Something completely original and outlandish could work like maybe hiring her favorite singer to perform her favorite song, like Kanye West did for Kim Kardashian at their wedding. There are many things that money can't buy, and that's thoughtfulness and love. We're sure Alex has both when it comes to Jen.


However, family time is the most sacred gift of all.

During Thanksgiving 2018, they had a hypnotist join them for dinner to have a little fun moment with the family, which is what sharing meals is all about. “We have a rule at dinner: There are no iPhones, no social media. We really want to engage,” Alex said. “It is hard and it is challenging, because our kids want to be digging into social media, but … we have to walk the walk and then I think the children will follow us.”

The athlete also gets to reap the benefits of dating a Puerto Rican and that includes the awesome holiday feasts!

Alex is pretty lucky, especially during the holidays when the "Dinero" singer rolls up her sleeves and gets to work in the kitchen. "Jennifer is the expert cook. I mean, she cooks delicious, but she got it from Lupe, her mom," he told Access. "Her mom is an incredible talent--she dances, she sings and she’s a great cook. So yeah, I am the beneficiary of some good cooking in the kitchen. They don’t allow me anywhere near the kitchen, but they do send me on a lot of errands."


Check out the full interview where he talks about Jen, their kids and their holiday traditions.

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