Chiquis Rivera gets dragged over a mistake on Instagram

Chiquis Rivera
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Chiquis Rivera is frequently targeted by bullies online over everything from her family feuds to her curvy figure. Their negativity is disappointing, but their actions have helped the star develop a thick skin. Today Chiquis showcases her strength and resilience on social media, which can help others facing similar struggles. However, there will always be people who will tear her apart over everything she does, including empowering messages she shares with her fans.

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The latest debacle happened on Monday when Chiquis posted a message about avoiding drama on Instagram. This led to (you guessed it) more drama. There was a grammatical error in the text she posted, which made the Spanish grammar police come out in full force. They dragged Chiquis, and their comments were painful to read.

Chiquis' post was about how to deal with people who try to bring drama into your life.

"A mature and intelligent woman avoids drama," she wrote in Spanish. "She doesn't lend herself to someone else's game. She moves on with a smile on her face and sends them to hell!"


Some people immediately jumped on the grammatical error in the first sentence.

The "madura y inteligente" portion should have been written "madura e inteligente." Both "e" and "y" mean "and," but you should always use "e" instead of "y" when the next word in your sentence begins with an "i" sound.


The "e" vs. "y" rule is easy to forget if you didn't grow up and go to school in a Spanish-speaking country.

Chiquis was born and raised in Los Angeles, but the grammar police didn't cut her any slack.

The comments were full of everything from simple corrections to flat out nasty ones.

There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but there is no need to be condescending. After all, nobody is perfect.


Some fair criticism could have been directed at her overall message.

Chiquis isn’t known to back down when she is attacked. She has been involved in plenty of drama this year, including a fight with two of her cousins that almost got physical. Perhaps she is turning over a new leaf, which is what prompted this Instagram post.

Despite the backlash over her grammatical error, Chiquis had plenty of supporters who agreed with her overall message.

The positive will always outweigh the negative.

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