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True love is hard to find, and finding genuine chemistry between two people is even harder. It seems like Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez have found exactly that in each other. It's undeniable that the pair is head over heels in love with one another, and though they have been through their fair share of ups and downs, their passion for each other still remains. The couple seem to be completely into each other, and their photos are proof. It's almost as if they can't stand being away from each other. Even when they're posing for a snap, their hands are all over each other.

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It's great to see that the flame hasn't died between them and that they still continue to have such good chemistry together. The two are now engaged, and we can't imagine how even more adorable they're going to be with one another once they tie the knot. The couple often share kissing pics that are sometimes downright steamy and some that serve as a reminder that romance is still alive and well. 

The singers have stuck by each other's side through the good and the bad, and we love that about them. Take a look at some of the sexiest, steamiest, and sweetest pics Chiquis and her man Lorenzo Méndez have shared throughout their relationship. 

Chiquis backed it up on Lorenzo. 1

The couple is not afraid to have a good and sexy time, no matter who is watching.


Chiquis looked so fierce while walking hand in hand with her man. 2

The way they look at each other right in their eyes is so intense, we love it! You can tell there's a lot of fire between them.


Things got a little wild between them. 3

Lorenzo went in for a kiss, and Chiquis looked flirty while getting some love from her man.

Their love can stop traffic. 4

Who else can casually stop for a couple's photo shoot in the middle of the sidewalk? Chiquis and Lorenzo look so into each other, they don't even care if people stare.


Lorenzo keeps his girl close. 5

In this adorable date-night pic, Lorenzo couldn't help but place his hand super close to his curvy girl's backside.


Chiquis looked drop-dead gorgeous at a Fashion Nova event, and her man took notice. 6

He couldn't help but wrap his arm around her and shower her with kisses.


He was all over Chiquis. 7

We don't blame him at all! She looked beautiful.

The lovebirds were cheek to cheek in this pic. 8

Chiquis just can't keep her hands off her man!


She can't stop smooching him either. 9


Lorenzo was treated with a sensual kiss on the cheek from his girl. 10

She shared this pic on Father's Day, which is a rather strange choice, but we just love how into each other they are. 


Chiquis just loves touching her boo's beard. 11

There's no need for space between these two lovebirds. 

The pair got cozy in a car. 12

Lorenzo was smiling from ear to ear in this pic with his girl looking absolutely gorgeous.


Lorenzo shared this adorable clip of them in bed. 13

What's more intimate than time spent just cuddling with your beau in bed?

They're just young and in love. 14

Chiquis loves to have her face touching her fiancé's face, and it's so sweet.


No matter what happens between them, the passion they have for each other remains. 15

This pic is to die for.

Their couple selfies on a night out were super hot. 16

Not only does Chiquis look so happy, but her man looks like he can't get enough of her.


The couple shared a steamy kiss while shopping for a Christmas tree. 17

Any time is a good time for some loving. 

The couple couldn't help but stare at each other's lips in this pic. 18

We love how they both smile so big when they're with each other.


Lorenzo planted a big one on Chiquis' cheek. 19

There's so much love between them, we almost want to call them our new couple goals.

There's always room for romance. 20

The couple re-created this iconic statue's pose, and they wrapped their arms around each other tightly. 


She can't keep her hands to herself. 21

And she shouldn't have to! That's the man she's going to marry, after all. 

What's sexier than a man who can make his lady laugh? 22

Lorenzo seems to be really good at that.


There's no denying that he's absolutely smitten with her. 23

And that's what she deserves!

Seeing him take care of his girl is so attractive. 24

When Chiquis got sick in 2018, her beau was right by her side taking care of her.


They just can't get enough. 25

We can't wait to see more of them together.