Chiquis Rivera addresses rumors that she got lip injections after latest selfie


Chiquis Rivera's latest selfie is stirring up some controversy after some fans accused her of getting lip fillers. While the procedure has been gaining a ton of popularity in recent years after celebrities revealed they have gotten them, the "Vas a Volver" singer said she is not one of them.

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Chiquis posted one of her usual, gorgeous bareface selfies on Tuesday, November 13, and her fans jumped in the comments to highlight that her lips looked bigger and plumper than they normally do. Some accused her of getting collagen injections, even though Chiquis has always had full lips. The singer didn't let the assumptions go on for long before she responded to a fan to clear the air. 

Chiquis shared a makeup-free selfie that caught the eye of some fans.

It seemed like Chiquis wasn't wearing an ounce of makeup and looked totally stunning. But it was her lips, which appeared fuller than usual, that caught people's attention. 


Now, Chiquis has always had full lips, but people thought they looked bigger than usual.

She's always posting pics of herself that highlight her lips and they are usually perfectly plump and lined with lipstick. But some fans believed that they are much bigger than usual in her latest pic.


People took to the comments to ask her to stop injecting her lips.

She received a lot of compliments for her lips but some also took the opportunity to give her some unsolicited advice. "Chiquis, beautiful don't inject your lips anymore. You are very beautiful natural like this, my girl," one follower wrote.

Another fan also asked Chiquis to not ruin her natural beauty.

In a world where people are being open and honest about the surgery or procedures they're getting, some people think it's OK to assume which celebrities have gotten work done or not. 


Chiquis replied to one of the comments to settle things.

While Chiquis could've just let people assume whatever they wanted, she instead replied to a fan to set the record straight. One fan asked her where she got her lips done, and the singer responded saying they were all natural. That's right, girl! Now we can only hope that eventually people will learn to mind their business and let women do as they please with their own personal images without having to worry about strangers' opinions. 

In this photo from October, she's wearing just lip gloss and they look phenomenal.

Chiquis loves her makeup, but the gloss in this pic truly highlights how beautifully shaped and full her lips really are.