Kim Kardashian revealed what Kanye West smells like & it's weird

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For Kim Kardashian, love smells like ... money? The reality TV star has revealed quite a lot about her personal life in recent interviews, including what she's like in the bedroom among other things, and now she's shared what her husband, Kanye West, truly smells like. 

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While promoting the two new scents she added to her KKW BODY fragrance line, Kim did an interview with The Cut in which they asked her what she associated certain scents with. When they brought up her husband, Kim's response was: "Rich." Yikes. 

The beauty mogul is hard at work promoting her fragrance.

After the success of her fragrance Body, Kim is now back with two new versions. The perfumes, which come in Kim-shaped bottles, is already sold out. During the interview, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed some of her scent memories and gave some pretty out there responses. 


Kim said her man smelled "rich" and it raised some eyebrows.

When they asked her what Kanye's scent triggers in her memory she said: "Rich. I can’t explain it, but like a rich person [laughs]. Like … money, I don’t know! He smells like what you think a really expensive, Saint Laurent fragrance campaign would be." 


It's no surprise that Kim would say that about her husband.

The couple is known for their love of the finer things in life, from Kim's love for beauty and glamour to Kanye's love for fashion and the arts. So it's no surprise that Kim thinks her husband smells like what a rich person would smell like. Plus, the rapper IS rich so it makes sense. 

Some people saw it as Kim saying Kanye reminded her of money, as if that's the only thing that interests her about him.

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"LOTS OF WOMEN HAVE THE TALENT TO SMELL MONEY," one Twitter user wrote in regards to the article. Kanye has debunked any theories that Kim was only after his money, because she has always had her own as well as her own empire. “Kim--she gave me everything. She gave me a family a support system," Kanye said in 2013 during an interview with Zane Lowe. "She was in a powerful enough situation where she could love me without asking for money. That was really hard for me to find.”


And of course, Kanye isn't the only one smelling lavish in the Kardashian-West family.

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When The Cut asked Kim what she smelled like she said, "I smell so good. I layer my fragrances depending on how I’m feeling, because they put me in a mood. I’m always testing new fragrances, so people always come up to me and ask 'What is that? That smells so good.' I’ll always have a rich, fragrant, white floral in there, because that’s my favorite; I’ll layer jasmine, tuberose and gardenia. I’m obsessed. It will be heavy on the gardenia." OK, girl! 

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