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You probably remember a time when having tattoos that were visible outside of your clothes was totally taboo, and that having tattoos on your face or neck might get you disowned by your family or blacklisted by potential employers. But, times have changed. Tattoos have become the norm and we might even venture to say that more people have tattoos than don't. Even face and neck tattoos are becoming more accepted, and celebrities seem to be totally into it.

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While tiny neck tattoos are still the most common, we've noticed everything from the discreet and feminine to the bold and expressive. And while, lots of young male rappers do have face tattoos, there are female celebrities that do as well including legendary tattoo artist Kat Von D, who has had her face inked since long before it was trendy.

We're definitely living in an age of personal expression, and while we may not all see the appeal of tattoos in such obvious places, most of us can appreciate the artform. Here are some pics of 20 celebrity face and neck tattoos, from the OGs to the less expected and more recently tatted stars.

Kat Von D's face is a canvas. 1

Mexicana Kat Von D made her fame as a tattoo artist turned reality TV star, so it's no surprise she has lots of tats, including on her face and neck, like the tiny lightning bolt and stars near her right eye.


A lot of the left side of her face is covered. 2

The opposite side of her face features a smattering of tiny black stars, which she once said she had done to show that you can have tattoos and still be feminine. They are really pretty.


Kat has a prominent neck tattoo. 3

Kat's most prominent neck tattoo is a large spray of roses on the right side.

Rihanna is a fan of stars also. 4

Rihanna has a couple of neck tattoos, but the most prominent is also a trail of little black stars across the back of her neck and upper back.


Chris Brown is covered in tats. 5

RiRi's most famous ex, Chris Brown, went from clean-faced to completely tatted seemingly overnight. He has tattoos all up and down his face, neck and the back of his head.


Everyone's favorite salsero recently got a neck tattoo. 6

Boricua megastar Marc Anthony recently got his neck inked with three bold, black crosses.


Neymar's neck is tatted up. 7

Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. has several neck tattoos including a flock of birds and the script, "tudo passa," which translates to "everything passes."

Lil Wayne has had his face tattooed for ages. 8

Rapper Lil Wayne's face has been covered in tattoos an piercings since everyone and their mama thought face tattoos were insane. He is definitely one of the originals.



Demi Lovato has one above-the-neck tattoo. 9

Of her 20-plus tattoos, Demi Lovato only has one above her neck--a turquoise feather behind her left ear.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's face tats are wild. 10

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine who is of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent is practically the poster boy for SoundCloud rappers, who are known for their eccentric looks--complete with lots of face tattoos and colorful hair.


Lil Pump's face is tatted up too. 11

Up-and-coming Mexican and Cuban rapper Lil Pump who has been endorsed by Cardi B and Kanye West has a few face tattoos as well. Notably, a couple of space-themed tattoos and some playing card symbols.

Christina Aguilera is proud of her nickname. 12

Christina Aguilera is proud of her nickname.

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Songbird Christina Aguilera has her nickname, Xtina, tattooed in script on the back of her neck.


Nicole Richie's tattoo on her neck honors her name as well. 13

Nicole Richie's tattoo on her neck honors her name as well.

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Mexican American celeb Nicole Richie also has a neck tattoo featuring her name. "Richie" is tattooed on the back of her neck below a girly red bow.

Robert LaSardo is known for the tattoos covering his neck. 14

Robert LaSardo is known for the tattoos covering his neck.

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Actor Robert LaSardo who has appeared in countless movies and TV shows like CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck and The Human Centipede 3, is known for his trademark neck tattoos which include what appears to be a self-portrait.


Kehlani proudly displays her tattoos. 15

Singer Kehlani has tattoos all over her body including several on her face and neck.

Tattoos frame Kehlani's eyes. 16

Though they are often camouflaged by makeup, Kehlani has a series of tiny dot tattoos framing her eyes, along with a more prominent paper airplane graphic.


She also has a script tattoo on the other side of her face. 17

She also has the words "Espiritu Libre" or "Free Spirit" on the opposite side of her face.

Her neck is covered too. 18

Kehlani's neck is almost fully covered in tats. On one side there is a series of blue waves and on the other are the words "Perdida y Encontrada," which means "lost and found."


Richard Cabral's neck tattoos are legit. 19

Richard Cabral's neck tattoos are legit.

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Chicano actor Richard Cabral, known for his roles in American Crime, Mayans M.C. and the movie End of Watch, grew up in East L.A. and became a gang member as a child. His neck is covered in tattoos, including some portraits.

Justin Bieber has a neck tattoo and a face tattoo. 20

Justin Bieber has a neck tattoo and a face tattoo.

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Selena Gomez's on-again-off-again ex boyfriend singer Justin Bieber has lots of tattoos including the word "patience" along the side of his neck--and if the rumors are true--a tiny eyebrow tattoo in honor of his wife, Hailey Baldwin, that he hides pretty well.