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One look at Tommy Mottola's Instagram and you can tell he's still madly in love with Thalia, even 20 after years of them being together. The couple has one of the most stable and long-lasting marriages in the Latino entertainment world and the love between them is still so strong. Thalia often posts about her beau and their beautiful family and it's beautiful to see them still standing 18 years after they said "I do" in December 2000. 

The couple met more than 20 years ago during a blind date set up by their mutual friend, Emilio Estefan, and the rest is history. They tied the knot in a lavish wedding, which took place at New York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral, and have since showed the world what a lifetime kind of love looks like. 

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The pair has figured out the formula for making a relationship last and part of it has to be that they constantly gush about one another, and support and praise each other's accomplishments. They have made it work despite their 22-year age difference and through all the pressures that come with being a famous couple in the spotlight. They have welcomed two gorgeous kids together, Sabrina and Matthew, and seeing them always spending time with one another is so adorable. 

The singer and the record mogul keep the romance alive by going on couple's vacations and sharing their best moments with each other. It's really so sweet how supportive he is of her career and how she is always by his side during his big moments. Take a look at some of the most adorable photos that pair have shared of their marriage, and you'll see just how sweet Tommy continues to be toward his wife after all these years. 

Tommy could not be more proud of his girl. 1

When Thalia's album Valiente went No. 1 in November 2018, her hubby showered her with celebratory balloons. "CONGRATULATIONS on #1 album iTunes #valiente ‼️ to my beautiful baby @thalia FELICIDAADES TE AMO!!" he captioned a photo of her carrying "1" balloons bigger than she is! So cute.  


Tommy shared a beautiful shot from their wedding. 2

The music mogul shared the pic on December 2016 and looked back on the day they became husband and wife. So cute!


The family might be ultra rich but they also know how to keep it simple. 3

Tommy shared this photo of them in the Hamptons in the summer of 2018 eating at a local clam bar and looking totally in love with each other. 

They look like a couple of teenagers in love. 4

They posed for a sweet photo together during a trip to Maliby. Look at those smiles!


They can't keep their hands off of each other. 5

The couple enjoyed the blue ocean waters of the Bahamas in June 2017 and she looks completely smitten with her man. 


They keep their inner child alive. 6

The couple seemed to be full of joy during a trip to an amusement park in New York with their kids. Thalia even enjoyed some sweet cotton candy! 


They are so full of joy, and it's the cutest thing! 7

For his birthday in July 2018, Thalia shared this fun pic of them together and captioned it: "Happy birthday to the love of my life! You deserve all the happiness in this world! I adore you my love."

They're always by each other's sides. 8

The pair's bond is so strong that they even attend meetings together. The effect of this photo makes it look like no one but them is around. So romantic! 


A Bronx boy and his Mexican beauty queen. 9

The couple visited Yankees stadium in his hometown of the Bronx, New York. 

Thalia really loves her man. 10

And it shows! Look how tightly she's holding him in this pic. He captioned it: "Cooking for my favorite girl..."


Tommy doesn't need a special date to declare his love for Thalia. 11

And that's so inspiring. In January he shared a gorgeous pic of them together and captioned it: "Lucky lucky guy!!... my bright light my life my love my inspiration my partner and my motivation..MY ALL!🙏❤️❤️🙏." Wow!

They both enjoy exploring nature together. 12

Tommy shared this photo of himself hugging his girl from the back in Colorado. We love how they often use this prom pose in their photos! "My baby @thalia and me, at 14,000 feet," he captioned the breathtaking pic. 


The couple finds every reason to celebrate. 13

Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick's Day, there's always room for happiness and celebration in the Mottola household--and that makes all the difference. 

They're also into their couple selfies. 14

Thalia looks absolutely radiant in this selfie with her husband. 


He loves to keep his girl close no matter where they go. 15

The couple were all smiles during a hike in Aspen. "Hiking in the mountains of Aspen with my beautiful wife!!.. my favorite place of peace!" he captioned the sweet pic.

We absolutely adore the meaning behind this pic! 16

Thalia honored the man, Emilio Estefan, who made it all possible in an Instagram post. "This photo says it all. Thanks to the man to my left, my life brother #emilioestefan, I met the man to my right, MY man! @tmmottola Blessed!" she captioned a pic of herself between the two guys.  


They are partners in life and in business. 17

And finding the balance between the two is key to a successful and happy marriage.

The couple is not above taking mirror pics together. 18

The couple, who has been together for nearly two decades, keeps their love fresh and modern every which way they can. 


They've even used filters before. 19

You have to know how to have fun with each other in order to makes things last!

Look at all this love. 20

The photos of them together are sweet enough but his captions make them even better. "Girl of my dreams who changed my life❤️" he captioned this throwback snap in May 2018. 


They are such a good looking couple. 21

Thalia is always by her man's side during big moments in his career. She's been attending the Tony Awards with him to support his Broadway production, The Bronx Tale