Jennifer Lopez's new music video with Bad Bunny is HOT

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Now we know why Jennifer Lopez has been hitting the gym so hard again. Yesterday the singer and mega-star dropped a brand-new music video for the song "Te Guste," featuring rapper Bad Bunny. In the video which showcases tons of island vibes, 49-year-old J.Lo shows lots of skin, and once again looks better than ever.

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Jennifer literally looks younger than her musical partner who is just 24 years old, and once again she has proven that she is #goals and always will be. The video is so freaking hot and legend or not, we have no clue how she has the dedication and let's be honest, guts, to keep doing what she does.

J.Lo's been teasing the video for a few weeks now.

Jennifer first teased the video a few weeks ago with a still shot of herself looking insanely fit and ultra-sexy in a mustard-hued bikini, so we already had a hint that it was going to be a steamy one. Her muscles are so toned!


We got a bit more a couple of days ago.

Then, a couple of days ago she shared a quick clip from the video of her and Bad Bunny sounding as sultry as ever.


The video totally delivers.

We get J.Lo sprawled out on a red sports car underneath lush palm trees. She's actually almost fully clothed in this shot, which is somehow almost sexier than the bikini scenes. Those legs!

We get it, Bad Bunny.

Then we see Bad Bunny taking a peek at Jennifer's legendary booty in complete awe, and we have to admit, we totally get it.


Our girl can act.

We all know J.Lo is totally into her man Alex Rodriguez, but her acting skills are on point and she shows off some serious chemistry with Bad Bunny in the video.

She's still sexiest solo though.

Jennifer's scenes with Bad Bunny, definitely play second fiddle to her solo scenes. Their scenes together are actually pretty tame, perhaps out of respect for her real-life relationship. Things get particularly sexy when she's in what looks like a cozy, dimly lit RV wearing nothing but a red hoodie and matching thong, daydreaming about her love interest. It's all capped off with a quick glimpse of her famous derrière.


But, the smile wins it all.

Regardless of how amazing her fit bod is and despite all the sultry stares we get throughout the video, we still think her million-dollar smile is the sexiest thing in the entire video.

It's steamy, hot and still classy.

The video for "Te Guste" definitely proves that you can do steamy, hot and sexy and still be classy and respectful at the same time.

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