Kim Kardashian & her kids forced to evacuate their home because of horrific wildfires

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Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Kim Kardashian's Instagram story took a very different and scary turn on Wednesday night when the entrepreneur and reality TV star shared video of her and her family evacuating their Hidden Hills home in California. Kim arrived home only to discover that the three wildfires that destroyed a nearby town including thousands of buildings and even blocked escape routes were heading toward the home she shares with Kanye West and their three children. She was advised to evacuate the area within one hour.

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Kim chronicled the events on IG, giving her followers a very realistic glimpse into what the residents of the affected area are experiencing as the wildfires continue to ravage huge swaths of California. While one of the wildfires started in Northern California, two of them are clustered in the Los Angeles metro area, and are still posing a significant threat more than 24 hours later.

First Kim, caught video of the blazing fires from her private jet.

Before Kim even got news of the emergency evacuation, she captured video of the wildfires blazing from above as she arrived back in California on her private jet.


She was told to evacuate when she landed.

Sharing more video from her flight, Kim let her followers know that when her plane landed she was advised that she and her family should evacuate their home. They were given just one hour to get out.



Kim then showed exactly what was happening in her Hidden Hills neighborhood.

As Kim was leaving her home by car, she got some video of emergency vehicles leading the evacuation. You can hear her children in the background as numerous fire trucks drive past the car windows.

Police vehicles were on scene as well.

Then we see the Kardashian-West's car driving in the opposite direction of oncoming police vehicles as Kim explains that they are evacuating everyone. You can hear what seems to be Kanye's voice interacting with the kids.


Finally, she shared a terrifying wide angle shot of the blaze.

Kim ended her story with a scary wide-angle shot of the smoky blaze enveloping the city, simply captioned with a praying hands emoji.

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