Cardi B & Karol G are about to join forces to create a hit

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It's time for the girl power take over! After a year filled with some empowering collaborations between our favorite Latina artists, it looks like another one might be cooking up between Karol G and Cardi B. The Colombian singer reached out to Cardi via Twitter earlier this week to ask if she would be willing to jump on a song with her, and she received a response! 

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That's a bold move to do so in front of the world, but it might just pay off after all. Female collaborations have found plenty of success this past year, with artists like Becky G and Natti Natasha with their hit "Sin Pajama" and the "Bodak Yellow" rapper herself with Jennifer Lopez's "Dinero." Based on those songs, Cardi and the "Mi Cama" singer might just have another female empowering hit on their hands.

The singer sent out a message to try and get in touch with Cardi.

She said she had been searching for the "Money" rapper's contact info all over. "I want to tell her myself that I have a HIT in my hands, that I only want to release if she is on it," the singer tweeted. "That I dream about it and it would be an honor."


Cardi responded right away, but she didn't quite say "yes."

The rapper's response was straight and to the point. She wrote back "OF COURSE!" Cardi has been staying busy since the birth of her daughter in July, she's been dropping collaboration after collaboration and they've been quickly climbing up the charts. While she's finding success in the hip-hop world and the pop world, she also never forgets to work with Latino artists.


Karol G was super excited about the response.

We are so excited to listen to this song and we hope it's full of the energy we need to keep excelling as women. The exchange between the two artists happened while Cardi was dealing with some more drama from her ongoing feud with Nicki Minaj. We're hoping that Cardi keeps focusing her energy on uplifting and sending out positive messages for other women.

The "Culpables" singer is also hard at work!

She released her video for her collaboration with Maluma titled "Créeme" and it is fire. There's no word on when the duet between Cardi and Karol will drop but we will be on high alert until then. We can't wait to see what's in store for both of these talented women. Watch the teaser clip for "Créeme" above.