One of Selena Quintanilla's final interviews before her death will give fans chills

Selena Quintanilla

Selena was at the pinnacle of her music career when she was tragically murdered by Yolanda Saldivar on March 31, 1995. She was only 23 years old, with so much life to live and so much more to accomplish personally and professionally. Her loss devastated her family and her fans. Fortunately, there is plenty of video footage of the star on the internet that help her memory live on to this day.

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This week her sister, Suzette Quintanilla, shared one of the final interviews Selena did before she passed away that she had never seen before. She appeared on the Mexican show Esta Mañana in December 1994 with host Gilberto Brenis. They got to talk about everything from her career to her love life to the future, and the footage will pull at your heartstrings.

Suzette told her followers that the interview made her so happy.

"Saw this super cool interview earlier [Selena] did from December 1994 that I had never seen before and the whole time I found myself with a smile as I watched it," she captioned this image. "Made my heart happy as I watched her speak. Miss that laugh .. that smile... her genuine way of just being. I mean look at her in this pic? Gorgeous! Just plain Gorgeous."


It is obvious why Suzette felt the need to share this interview.

You can see Selena's bubbly personality shine throughout the whole video and the way she spoke about her accomplishments and plans for the future would fill anyone who knew her with pride.


The interview was a reminder of how massive her success was shortly before she passed away.

She spoke of her excitement over being one of four Latinos included in a Billboard list of the 200 most important people in the United States that year. Luis Miguel, Gloria Estefan and Julio Iglesias were the other three people. That was a huge deal! Selena also talked about singing in the movie Don Juan DeMarco which starred Johnny Depp, Marlon, Brando and Faye Dunaway as well as her appearance in the novela Dos mujeres, un camino. You could tell that she wasn't 100 percent satisfied with her performance and she said she hoped to take acting lessons to build her skills.

Selena talked about the resurgence of Tejano music and her modern interpretation.

She highlighted the experimental aspects of her “Amor Prohibido” album that had everything from mariachi to rap elements. It was a reflection of Selena's diverse taste.


Things got personal when Gilberto asked Selena about her zero tolerance rule when it comes to cheating in a relationship.

“I think that when you get married to someone it is a very serious step," she said. "I would not forgive. There are a lot of serious diseases out there like AIDS and it is very dangerous. Just for a night of fun? I don’t think so.”

“If I can be faithful, my husband can be too,” she continued.

Gilberto continued grilling her and she insisted that she had never cheated on a partner in her life. It was a moment that was vindicating for fans that are angry with journalist Maria Celeste Arrarás for implying that Selena had an affair with a doctor named Ricardo Martinez in her book El Secreto de Selena.


It was clear that she was deeply in love with her husband, Chris Perez.

Her career didn’t get in the way since they worked together. “My husband plays the guitar in our group and we have the same goal when it comes to music," she said. "We share the same love apart from our marriage and music. It is so important to have a friendship and communication in a marriage."

Selena shared that she felt that they balanced each other out.

She described how she had a strong personality and Chris was more laid back. He wasn’t the jealous type and wouldn’t get mad when other men approached her. He understood her job.


Her iconic figure was a huge topic of conversation when she was alive.

A fan sent in a question asking how she got her body and Selena gave the answer no one wants to hear: She didn’t do anything! Her only workout was dancing on stage and she didn’t have a diet. Hardcore fans know she loved pepperoni pizza, but this interview showed that she also had a massive sweet tooth. Pan dulce was one of her favorite things to eat.

Shockingly, Selena shared that she didn’t like her hips!

“They are too wide,” she said.


Selena also talked about her English-language album that was scheduled to come out the following year.

She had a team that worked with the likes of Vanessa Williams and Whitney Houston. It is such a shame that she was not able to finish the project.

The video was a reminder that she was a businesswoman with a blossoming clothing line.

She had a clothing factory, two boutiques in Texas, and hopes to launch in Mexico in 1995. Selena fit that all into her busy music schedule. She took sketch pads on the road so she could get her designs down on paper while she was on tour.


We can't help but wonder where Selena would be today if she was still alive.

She was truly one of a kind.

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