Mayeli Alonso says she has a right to date a younger man & throws shade at ex Lupillo Rivera

Mayeli Alonso/Instagram

The split between Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera is still pretty fresh, but both of them have already been linked to new people since then. The singer and his ex finalized their divorce in July 2018, and now Mayeli has been linked to singer Jesús Mendoza. It was even revealed that he even met her parents. That might sound serious to most but the beauty blogger has denied that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but are just close friends. 

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While she says they're not romantically together, Mayeli says that the fact he's eight years younger than her wouldn't stop her from pursuing a relationship with him. She strongly believes that if men can date younger women after a divorce, so can women. 

She revealed that Jesús Mendoza has already met her parents.

She said that one day he arrived at the house for a get together with a group of their friends and her parents happened to be there. She also revealed that her dad liked Jesus a lot. "I appreciate him. He's a great human being. A great person. We're really good friends and we're getting to know each other," she added about Jesus. "I'm so grateful to God for putting people like him on my path." 


She also used the opportunity to throw shots at Lupillo.

Her ex has been linked to some younger women since their divorce and she says that the fact that Jesus is 25 and she's 33 wouldn't be an issue for her. "I'm going to say something and I'm going to sound really feminist. I believe that just like men have the chance to have other partners after they get divorced and they're with much younger women, well women should, too." 


Mayeli confirmed that she's single and her and Jesus are just friends.

"They're confusing the type of relationship we have a lot. I would have no problem in saying 'OK, yes, I am so and so's girlfriend. But the truth is that no. I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not in a romatic relationship right now," she said to reporters. "But he's my friend. I appreciate him and he's one of those people I want to have in my life forever. Right now I'm not looking for love but you never know."

Lupillo caused quite a stir in July when he arrived at a movie premiere with a new woman by his side.

Shirley Arroyo and the singer walked the red carpet at the The Equalizer 2 and they held hands. Fans began to flood her Instagram comments asking her if she was his girlfriend but she has since said she's single and a longtime friend of Lupillo's.