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It seems like love is in the air in Hollywood. While some couples have been rushing to get engaged after just months of dating, there are other famous lovebirds that are taking their sweet time before taking their relationship to the next level. But why wait so long if the love is real?

There's no actual timeline for love and letting things unfold naturally is sometimes the key to a happy romantic life. We've seen many celeb guys jump the gun and propose right away but there are others that we suspect are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question. 

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Famous couples are often bombarded with questions about when they're getting married as soon as they start dating someone new. That has been the case for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who everyone assumed would tie the knot right after they started dating in early 2017. Both of them have been hit with questions about their wedding plans, especially after J.Lo released "El Anillo," a song that is simply asking what's taking so long for her to get a ring.

Both stars have been down the marriage road so it's safe to say they're not wrong to be taking things slow this time around, but honestly, we would love nothing more than to see them get engaged! They are Latino royalty already because they seem so perfect for one another, and a proposal followed by a wedding will only solidify that. There are other couples we're rooting for to make things official, such as Shakira and Gerard Piqué. Something tells us they're inching closer and closer to taking their love to the next step. Take a look at other celebrity couples we predict are next in getting engaged. 

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget NEED to head down the aisle pronto. 1

My senses are tingling when it comes to these two because their love seems so real. Not only that but the singer has been wearing a ring on that finger, so Sebastian might as well take it all the way, right?


Alex Rodriguez has me at the edge of my seat. 2

Listen, if two people on planet earth were destined to be together it is ARod and J.Lo. They are Latino couple royalty at this point and need to make it official. No pressure, Alex, but ¿el anillo pa' cuando?


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott should probably take the next step. 3

Kylie and Trav are already the coolest parents ever to their daughter, Stormi. The couple seems so into one another that we don't see why they just won't get engaged. I mean she's already wearing a ring, and their baby would make the cutest flower girl at the wedding.

Lucero and Michel Kuri are up next. 4

While everyone is waiting patiently for the pair to say "I do," the singer is OK with them being just boyfriend and girlfriend. "No, man. Why? No. We are super happy, super satisfied, we always say we're eternal lovers and really happy," she told reporters. That's exactly what someone would say before getting engaged if you ask me.


There is so much beauty between NataIia BaruIich and Maluma, we just want them to last. 5

The chemistry is so intense between these two, so we would totally want the Colombian heartthrob to get down on one knee and make this relationship permanent. 


Things have been beyond rocky between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. 6

Things have been beyond rocky between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

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The basketball player nearly ruined their relationship by being unfaithful but somehow Khloé took him back. They seem to be working hard on strenghtening their relationship.


We've been holding our breath for Shakira and Gerard Piqué to get engaged for years. 7

Is there a prettier couple in all of the world than Shakira and Gerard? No, and their two gorgeous kids are proof. Although they have a beautiful relationship, we cannot wait to see these two walk down the aisle and make things official. 

Mariah Carey seems happier than she's been in a long time alongside Bryan Tanaka. 8

The pair are super cute together and it looks like the dancer truly knows how to make her smile. Honestly, Mariah Tanaka doesn't sound half bad. 


An engagement between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez would be huge in the sports world. 9

While we might be a little late on this since they've both been spotted wearing rings on their ring fingers, we would love to see the soccer star getting down on one knee for his girl.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova love keeping their fans in the dark. 10

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova love keeping their fans in the dark.

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The couple have been together for what seems like forever, and while there's a total possibility that they were married years ago, they have continued to deny it. He spoke to Quien about his decision not to get married and he said: "Marriage doesn't define the happiness of a couple."


Giselle Blondet wouldn't be opposed to getting a ring from her boyfriend. 11

Giselle was asked if an engagement to boyfriend Jaime Fernández is in the cards and well, she didn't say no. While she said she doesn't have anything planned, she said she wouldn't mind getting a new ring.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have been together for more than six years. 12

They are incredibly young but the good looking couple has been together so long, it might be time for the Glee alum to pop the question.


Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia need to come clean already. 13

The pair reportedly got engaged last year, after she was spotted rocking a huge diamond ring. They haven't given an update nor confirmed the news about an engagement nor a wedding but we would love to see them tie the knot very soon.

Kris Jenner deserves a happy ending. 14

Kris Jenner deserves a happy ending.

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Our girl Kris Jenner has been through a lot in her life, which is why her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, needs to hurry up and close the deal already. The couple seem quite happy in their relationship so it might be time for the next step.


It's a real mystery why Diddy hasn't proposed to Cassie Ventura yet. 15

The couple have been dating on and off for years! They make such a good looking pair, we are hoping the music mogul opens his eyes soon and pops the question.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom keep coming back to each other. 16

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom keep coming back to each other.

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We take that as a sign that the on-again-off-again couple are meant to be together! One more reason why the actor should just go for it and propose to the "California Gurls" singer.


Bruno Mars needs to speed it up and put a ring on it! 17

The singer has been dating Jessica Caban since 2012! She has been by his side through the highs and the lows so we can picture them heading down the aisle very soon.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dodging engagement rumors for years. 18

Everyone is dying to know when the happy couple is getting married ever since they went public with their relationship in 2015. Honestly, they look SO in love, we don't doubt that Blake is already ring shopping.


Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli have been together since 2014. 19

The stunning pair first got together in 2014 and many have questioned them about their plans together. While we see them giving in and tying the knot soon, they have said they are in no rush.

Taylor Swift has been so private about her relationship, that it might actually go to the next level. 20

Taylor Swift has been so private about her relationship, that it might actually go to the next level.

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Taylor has been dating Joe Alwyn for some time now, and while she's usually rather open about her relationships, she's kept this one underwraps it might just be the real thing.