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Libra season is in full swing, and late September and October babies are about to be celebrating their birthdays to the fullest. People who are born between September 23 and October 23 are born under the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac. 

Libras are known for their deep love for beautiful things and finding beauty in everything. They're also known for their peaceful, fair, kind and balanced nature and completely attract people with their charm. It is one of the three zodiac air signs and is mostly compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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There are so many multi-talented artists and actors who are Libras and they exemplify what the zodiac sign is all about. Stars like Clarissa Molina, Cardi B, Celia Cruz and Kim Kardashian are all super proud to be Libras--and their timeless beauty and charm is for sure in line with their sign.

They all excel at what they do and give their hearts and souls into their craft. Singer Bruno Mars is a true Libra. Everything he does is created with love and it shows, and of course, he's also known for his kind nature. Take a look through our list to see which of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood who are Libras. 

Clarissa Molina is the best way to kick off the zodiac sign. 1

The Domincan model was born on September 23, right at the start of the sign. The El Gordo y La Flaca personality's effortless beauty and charm make her worthy of being part of the Libra squad. 


Cardi B fights for what she loves. 2

The rapper, who was born on October 11, might not have the balanced nature of a Libra but she does have the heart to defend and protect what she values most.


Everything Libras do, they do with love and Bruno Mars is an example of that. 3

The singer, who was born on October 8, has created such beautiful music in his career and it is clear that his heart is fully invested in all that he does.

Kim Kardashian exemplifies the Libra's desire for outer perfection. 4

Kim Kardashian exemplifies the Libra's desire for outer perfection.

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Kim, who was born on October 21, is known to look flawless at all times and that is part of the Libra's love for beauty and perfection. 


Kanye West must have a thing for Libras, since his ex Amber Rose is also one. 5

Amber's external beauty captivated everyone who looked at her when she first began dating the rapper. She shares Kim's birthday, October 21, and since she became famous she also fights for women's rights and equal treatment, like a true Libra.


Celia Cruz is the queen of salsa. 6

Celia Cruz is the queen of salsa.

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The incomparable singer, born on October 21, was always full of joy and lived life to the fullest.


Julio Iglesias was also born at the start of the zodiac sign. 7

The Spanish singer has been stealing women's hearts since the beginning of his career. Like a true Libra man, he's known for his elegance, timeless style and an incomparable charm.

Andrea Navedo is a true Libra queen. 8

The Jane the Virgin actress, was born on October 10.


Kate Winslet is a timeless Libra beauty. 9

Kate Winslet is a timeless Libra beauty.

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The Titanic actress, who was born on October 5, has gotten even more beautiful since she starred in the movie in the 90s.

Jackie Guerrido has been dazzling 'Primer Impacto' viewers with how gorgeous she is. 10

Not only is she beautiful, she's also a super intelligent and talented journalist. 


Everyone loves Will Smith, and that might just be part of his Libra charm. 11

Will has a way of warming up any room he is in. The actor, who was born on September 25, continues to be humble and laid back even after all his massive success.

Emilia Clarke is known for her goofy and adorable personality. 12

The Game of Thrones star is so bubbly and lovely, that makes people absolutely love her.


Usher has been stealing hearts since the 1990s, like a true Libra. 13

The singer was born on October 14 and the romantic aspect of a Libra can be heard in nearly all of his music.

Ne-Yo was born in October 18. 14

The singer loves his sign so much he even named one of his albums Libra Scale.


Gwen Stefani was born on October 3. 15

The Libra star has always been known to be a trendsetter and has continued to reinvent herself decade after decade, all while keeping her signature classic red lip as her staple.

Tyler Posey has been acting since he was a child. 16

Tyler Posey has been acting since he was a child.

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The Maid in Manhattan star, who was born on October 18, grew up to be quite the good-looking fellow.


Catherine Zeta-Jones is also part of the Libra crew. 17

Catherine Zeta-Jones is also part of the Libra crew.

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She was born on September 25, and definitely has the elegance and mysterious beauty of a Libra.

Serena Williams has given her all to tennis. 18

Serena, who was born on September 26, has dedicated her whole life to the sport and has made her the best tennis player of all time. She's now fighting for other women to be able to reach their dreams.


Lil Wayne was born on September 27. 19

The rapper has been an artist since he was a child, and has become one of the most successful hip hop stars of all-time.

Jon Secada was born on October 4. 20

Jon Secada was born on October 4.

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The Cuban American singer and songwriter is known for his loving and romantic music.


Eminem is a true Libra. 21

The super successful rapper has always been outspoken about the things he believes in.