Colombian actress Eileen Moreno opens up about being brutally beaten by her boyfriend

Eileen Moreno/Instagram

Eileen Moreno is living what appears to be a complete nightmare at the hands of boyfriend Alejandro Garcia. The Colombian actress took to Instagram to open up about a domestic violence incident, in which she claims the actor left her bloody after hitting her in the face.

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The actress has shared gruesome photos of the aftermath, as well as videos in which she is seen bleeding and crying after the altercation. She called out the actor by name in one of her posts and went to the police in Mexico, where they were both living, looking for help. Now she's attempting to help other women name their abusers and has started a campaign against domestic violence, and she's receiving an outpour of support from celebrities and fans alike. 

She spoke to W Radio Colombia on September 13, to give a detailed account of the alleged abuse. She shared that they first began arguing over her Instagram messages, then she threated to leave Mexico and head back to Colombia. As a warning, the Instagram videos and photos she posted, which can be found below, might be triggering and disturbing to some people.

Eileen shared a video from what appears to be right after the incident took place.

Eileen Moreno/Instagram

In the clip she shared to her Instagram Stories, the actress says that he hit her after asking him for her passport to travel back to Colombia since they were both in Mexico. She said she was hiding in manager Gabriel Blanco's room and pleaded for help. 


The actress shared a video from a cab saying she was headed to the hospital.

The actress said she went to the cops to report the incident. She also added that someone from the police department had taken her to get a taxi so she could seek medical help.


Eileen shared a photo of herself covering her injured eye.

She shared Instagram photos on September 13 of how she looked after the incident, and invited other women to join in and share their own stories of abuse. She also asked them not to be afraid to hold their abusers responsible for their actions.

She shared another photo of herself without covering her face.

She also had surgical tape over her nose following the incident.


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