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Cousins are the best friends that life gives us as soon as we're born. Having a big family with tons of children your age can set you up with a lifetime of a group of people who will always be by your side through the good and bad. Luckily for the new generation of the Kardashians and Jenners, the famous sisters decided to have children around the same time!

The sisters grew up with one another by their sides, and they continue to be one another's closest friends--no matter what goes on in their lives. Now their babies have the opportunity to have the same type of bond with their own cousins, and having people in your family you can be friends with is really a great gift.

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Kim Kardashian is a mom to four adorable babies--North, Saint, Chicago, and newborn Psalm--whom she welcomed with husband Kanye West. Kim's big sister Kourtney Kardashian and ex Scott Disick also share three gorgeous kids: Mason, Penelope, and Reign. Their little brother, Rob Kardashian, welcomed daughter Dream with ex Blac Chyna in 2016. Khloé Kardashian had daughter True with boyfriend Tristan Thompson in 2018, and Kylie Jenner had baby Stormi with her boyfriend, Travis Scott

Now that we're up to speed with the family tree, it's time to see some of the most heartwarming pics the famous family has shared of their babies through the years. While there are some duos already forming, like besties North and Penelope, we cannot wait to see how close the youngest babies will become as time passes. Scroll through to see the most adorable pics of the Kardashian-Jenner cousins so far. 

Stormi and Psalm are so cute. 1

Kim shared this snap of her youngest baby, Psalm, with Kylie's daughter and it melted our hearts. "Stormi loves my Psalmy so much!" Kim captioned the sweet pic of Stormi giving the baby boy a kiss. So sweet!


Northie is the best big cousin. 2

Kim and Kanye's firstborn is already a shining example for her youngest cousins. She and cousin True shared a morning prayer before having breakfast together in February 2019, and it's the cutest thing ever. "Great Morning!! Start each day with a grateful heart!! Lead and encourage them to give thanks and praise! Look at their little prayer hands," Khloé captioned this post.


How lucky are they to have forever friends? 3

Chicago and True were born just months apart and have been inseparable since. These two share such a special love for each other and we do hope that they grow up to be the best of friends. 

Kim shared this gorgeous pic for Stormi's birthday. 4

Kim celebrated her niece's second birthday with a photo of Stormi and  daughter Chicago wrapped ina Louis Vuitton towel, and it is so darn cute. "Happy Birthday my sweet baby Stormi. We love you so much!!!! Thank you for being the best cousin to my babies 💕," she captioned the cute pic. 


They're already vacation buddies. 5

True, Chicago and Saint have traveling buddies they can always count on. The cousins looked like they were having a great time playing in the sand while on vacation with their moms. 


North and Penelope are the cutest. 6

These two girls have assumed their roles as big cousins seamlessly! They are still young themselves, but they are constantly looking after the youngest ones in their squad. Khloé captioned this post: "The sweetest little tribe."


Dream and True posed in front of Stormi's playhouse. 7

"🦋 May we always celebrate life, no matter how big or small the moment! 🦋," Khloé captioned this post. True and Dream looked adorable in their dresses at a family party. When your cousin has a playhouse like this in her backyard, it's officially becomes the hang out place for all the kids in the family. 

True and Stormi are just so cute. 8

Stormi and True are about the same age and they truly look adorable together. They enjoyed a little dancing session on the balcony of Stormi's playhouse and looked like tiny little princesses. 


The youngest cousins are just so beautiful. 9

This photo of the three girls holding little sharks made our hearts skip a beat! It's so great that they are all just months apart so they'll be able to take the world by storm together when they're older.

Baby Chicago and True are growing side by side. 10

The fashion-forward babies already have their cousin poses down to a science. Chi was showing off her cute little Burberry dress, while True was looking right at the camera and modeling her adorable sandals.


Mason is the oldest and he was watching over the youngest. 11

Baby True is literally looking up to her oldest cousin, Mason. He has a big role as the squad's oldest kiddo and we're sure he'll do a great job at protecting them all as they get older. With so many cousins around her, the little one will always be protected, no matter what!

Kim caught the girls in the middle of a chat. 12

They look so tiny in this photo compared to how they look now! The little ones were deep in a baby gossip session when Kim posted pics of them together. She captioned it: "I can’t wait to hear what they talk about lol."


North and Penelope are taking their big cousin duties seriously. 13

Khloé has found paradise in watching the nieces and nephews she helped raise taking care of her own baby girl, True, whom she welcomed in April 2018 with Tristan Thompson. She captioned this pic: "Happily Ever After ♡."

This is the cutest little squad we've ever seen. 14

Kim shared the most amazing picture of the family's youngest kids! We can't take how adorable they all look with their little poses. Saint is giving us some model vibes, Chicago looks beautiful as ever, Stormi is posing like a pro, and True is looking edgier and so adorable in her leather jacket.


Chicago and Stormi were riding dirty in their walkers. 15

Baby Chicago and Stormi are just a month apart, and seeing them hang out together is just so adorable. They'll be able to go through every stage of their lives together as they grow up side by side, and that is the sweetest thing.

No matter how tough things might be, these faces can brighten any dark day. 16

Khloé shared this pic of her niece, Penelope, holding her daughter, True, in February 2019, amid the news that her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, was being unfaithful. It's hard to stay sad when there are such innocent little faces with pure hearts surrounding you.


Dream and True love their little playdates. 17

Dream was showering her little cousin with so much love in a pic Khloé shared on Instagram in February 2019. Although she spends most of her time with mom Blac Chyna, the Kardashian sisters make sure that they carve out a time for Dreamy to spend with her cute cousins.

The oldest Kardashian kid was hanging out with the two youngest. 18

Mason Disick, who is Kourt's first child, was hanging out with his little cousins at Stormi's first birthday party in February 2019! We can't believe how much Mason has grown, and now there is a whole new group of little ones he can look after.


The cousins love trying on some Snapchat filters. 19

Look how cute Northie and True are with these playful filters. These girls are true social media stars, and the youngest cousins can learn a lot from North who has been using filters since she was just a baby herself.

These two are partners in crime. 20

Penelope and North are true sidekicks. The little ones do everything together, from dance classes to trips to New York. Just imagine when they get older! They'll be taking the world by storm.


The best part of having a lot of cousins is that you always have people to hang out with. 21

And you will always have tons of people show up at your birthday parties! This pic was from Saint and Reign's joint birthday party, and North and True were in attendance and looking so pretty!

Seeing Dream hang out with her cousins always puts a smile on our face. 22

While she lives with her mom, Blac Chyna, most of the time, Dream still gets time to play with her cousins on dad Rob Kardashian's side of the family. They take her on the family outings and spend some fun and cute moments together.


Penelope hangs out with True so much! 23

It's so cute to see P spend so much time with Khloé's daughter. Khloé has been the best aunt to Kourt's and Kim's kids for so long, and now they're returning all that love to baby True.

This picture of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner babies left us all in awe. 24

When the Kardashian-Jenner sisters shared this photo of their babies--Chicago, True, and Stormi--together for the first time, it melted all of our hearts. The cute pic garnered more than 7 million likes on Kim's Instagram page. 


Kim shared this gorgeous photo of her mom and grandma with the youngest babies. 25

Chicago and True posed alongside their grandma, Kris Jenner, and great-grandmother, Mary Jo. They looked amazing in an adorable family pic that they will look back on for years to come.

Check out these two besties in Bali. 26

These two have been traveling buddies since the start! Chi and True posed for some adorable nature pics in Bali. They are wearing coordinating outfits, and we honestly can't handle their cuteness. 


Saint and Reign nailed Halloween together! 27

The two boys dressed up as Saint's dad, Kanye West, and rapper Lil Pump with the outfits they wore in the "I Love It" video for Halloween, and the toddlers looked adorable!

Penelope and North also wore creative Halloween costumes. 28

How cute are they dressed up as flat and sparkling water? It's so great that they have each other to do matching costumes with. Northy and Penelope are inseparable and their little brothers, Saint and Reign, are too! 


North looks like she's loving her role as a cousin. 29

It seems like she's loving spending time with her Auntie Khloé's baby, True. After all, Northie has had some practice of her own as she is the big sister to three other kiddos. 

Khloé's dream of her babies growing up with their cousins has come true. 30

Khloé shared this photo of her baby, True, hanging out with her big cousin Penelope. The mamá captioned it: "My soul is complete because of you ❣️ Please, Father Time, can you slow down just a little 🙏🏽 I love being an Auntie and a Mommy."


The whole cousin gang had a cupcake party! 31

Stormi, True, Chicago, Dream, and Saint all gathered around some delicious treats for a fun dessert party. With this many cousins, who needs friends? They never have to worry about not having people to invite to their birthday parties.

Reign takes his big cousin duties seriously when it comes to True! 32

We love Reign's entire attitude and his vibrant personality. His mom, Kourtney, shared this photo from their trip to Bali, Indonesia, and she captioned it: "He protects her."


Sainty loves his cousin Dream so much! 33

The two kiddos are inseparable! They're growing up with so much love surrounding them. When Kim shouted out her niece on her birthday in November 2018, she wrote: "Saint loves you so much & so do I!!!!"

Stormi and Chi are already all about the slumber party life. 34

Stormi was born in February 2018, just a month after the third West baby! These two adorable girls are bound to be besties and they are growing up together like they are sisters--even down to the matching pink pajamas.


True and Chicago are surely going to be BFFs. 35

Just look at how beautiful both girls are! We can't believe how much time has passed by and how little they were in this photo. The girls are such beauties in their own ways and it's going to be great watching them grow up together.

The girls were born just four months apart! 36

Kim welcomed Chi in January via surrogate, and Khloé welcomed True in April. Look how cute they are!


Penelope takes her cousin duties quite seriously. 37

P knows the importance of a good pic at such a young age, and she's already passing that wisdom on to her little cousin True.

Penelope is already proving to be one heck of a good older cousin. 38

Kourt's middle child is the sweetest kid ever, and she's also ready to shower her little baby cousins with love. In this pic she's holding cousin Dream on her lap like a total pro.


This was the first time we saw True and Chi hanging out together. 39

The two babies will be photographed together for years to come.

Here's a pic of Dream meeting cousin Stormi. 40

When Kylie shared an 11-minute-long video to announce the birth of her baby, Stormi, there was a scene that showed Dream meeting the newborn, and they're both SO cute.


These two are closer than close. 41

Name a more iconic duo than North and Penelope. We'll wait.

Saint might be the most cuddly cousin ever! 42

We swear Saint is the sweetest little boy ever, and this pic of him hugging his cousin, Dream, is proof. 


Penelope loves spending time with the little ones. 43

She looked like she was having a great time while singing songs to her baby cousin.

P and Northie are already killing the fashion game. 44

Both girls are sharing some interesting stories with each other in this pic, all while wearing designer sneakers. Must be nice to be them!


They're already living a lavish life together. 45

Another perk of having a cousin who's close in age is that you always have a travel buddy to go on vacations with.

Cousin duties must be taken seriously. 46

Who else is going to make sure your hair is on point other than your cool, older cousin?


The girls' birthdays are a month apart, so they get to have joint birthday parties! 47

In June 2018, North and Penelope had themselves quite the unicorn-themed birthday party!

With cousins, you always have people on your team. 48

Mason, Penelope, and North were in it to win it during a game on Easter 2018. Whether it's for a game of tug-of-war or for anything else in life, the cousins will always be able to rely on one another, no matter what. 


Holidays tend to be a little sweeter when you're surrounded by family. 49

In this pic, Saint and Penelope were eagerly opening their Easter candy--with Kim's help.

North and P have been by each other's sides since day one. 50

These ballerina outfits they wore on their way to ballet class were so iconic, some grown adults even dressed as them on Halloween.


The girls still love dressing alike! 51

What's the point of cousins if you can't play dress-up together?

They share such a special bond. 52

They'll grow up knowing all of each other's funny stories and craziest secrets. So sweet!


You're never too young to enjoy a day by the pool. 53

Penelope and North looked precious in their bathing suits and high buns.

The girls are already living a lavish lifestyle, like their famous moms. 54

P and North stopped by Tiffany's for a little breakfast during a trip to NYC.


It's incredible how much the family has expanded over the years. 55

This full-to-bursting family photo from 2016 doesn't even show the new babies. It's amazing how much the family has expanded since then!

Their family photos are so beautiful. 56

It's great to see the family expanding as the sisters continue to welcome babies into the world. Their Christmas card for 2017 was so freaking adorable!


Stormi has cousins on the Jenner side as well! 57

Kylie and Stormi posed with Kylie's big brothers, Brandon and Burt Jenner, and their babies. The Kardashian-Jenner kids are surrounded by love!