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The Rivera siblings share a tight bond, and it shows. The late Jenni Rivera's children got together to celebrate brother Michael Marin's 27th birthday, and it looks like they had a beautiful time. The family went out for a celebratory dinner on Tuesday, September 11, and they shared tons of photos and videos of them looking super happy. 

Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Rivera, Jenicka Lopez and little brother Juan Angel were all in attendance for the party. Although September 11 is a sad day for the nation, the late singer's children decided to celebrate life instead and to remind their brother how much he means to them. They also posted tributes on Instagram about how much Mikey means to them and all their words were super cute.

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"My little big brother, today I thank God for your life. I'm so blessed to be able to be your big sister! I pray the Lord blesses your every step," his big sister, Chiquis, captioned her post. "I know this life has dealt us a pretty rough hand more than once, but I'm so proud of you for not going down a different path. You're doing good. Keep it up!"

"Brother you're an amazingly intelligent young man, you're kind hearted and integral. You're [the] funniest person I know. You're a man with a grand purpose," Jacqie wrote on Instagram. "You're so much more than you give yourself credit for! Life has brought you the craziest plot twists and yet youre still here standing, strong and tall."

Ever since they lost their mom in 2012, the kids have been making sure to carry on Jenni's legacy by always putting family first. And that's the way to do it! Take a look at the adorable photos the Rivera clan shared from Mikey's birthday celebration. 

They all surrounded Mikey with love and kisses. 1

The siblings snapped a ton of photos with the birthday boy. They are definitely making memories that will live on forever.


It's not a real birthday unless there's cake, right? 2

The siblings sang Stevie Wonder's version of "Happy Birthday" and Mikey's reaction was hilarious.


That birthday dessert looks delicious! 3

Jenicka shared a hilarious video of her big brother dancing while they sang to him. She also shared this closeup of his cake and it's making us drool. 

Everyone with a big family knows it takes a couple of tries before landing the right pic. 4

They all were smiling from ear to ear in this shot. So cute!


And of course, you always need a silly one. 5

Sometimes the candid snaps come out even better.


Chiquis surprised her little bro with a gift. 6

She gave her a big box but it's not what it looks like!


Instead of a gift, she gave him a wad of cash. 7

Is there any gift better than the freedom to buy yourself whatever you need?

Juan Angel posed for a selfie with big sis Chiquis at the dinner. 8

The sis and brother duo look so cute!


Jacqie penned the most beautiful message for her little brother. 9

"Happy birthday Neighbor!!! Just want to wish my handsome brother the happiest of birthdays. As the whole world takes the time to remember what happened on 9/11 and all the families affected by those tragic events, I’m taking this time to Honor you!!!" she captioned a pic of them together. "26 was great. I watched you grow and learn so much this past year BUT 27 is gonna be so much more than you’ve ever imagined!! I believe it and I’m rooting for you."

Chiquis also shared a ton of pics of her hermanito. 10

"Happy Birthday to this underrated, funny without trying, warm hearted, motorcycle driving, yet sensitive, talented, intelligent, pain in my thighs big teddy bear @mighk_rivera!!!" she captioned the post. "I love you. So much. And I will be here to catch you if you should ever fall. Enjoy YOUR day and I will see you later to celebrate the amazing man you are."


Juan Angel wrote a special message for his big brother. 11

"Happy Birthday to my first best friend, my biggest influence, one of my favorite people ever, one of the smartest people in the world, I could go on and on," he captioned a pic of them together. "I’m so grateful for your life. If you didn’t exist, I don’t know who or what I’d be. The person I am today would be drastically different without your influence. I love you so much, dude."

Chiquis also shared this funny pic of Mikey. 12

Is not your birthday until your siblings embarass you, right? 


She posted an old pic of his cake from last year's birthday celebrations. 13

They continue to be there for each other, year after year!