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Selena Quintanilla's life may have tragically ended over 20 years ago, but her memory is more alive than ever. This is especially the case in the minds and hearts of her loved ones who were also an integral part of her music career. They never anticipated that her life would have been taken away when she was only 23 years old, and on the brink of becoming a global superstar. Despite this awful experience, her family has chosen to be open with her fans and share photos of their time together that reveal how close they truly were as a unit.

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Selena's brother, A.B. Quintanilla, worked very closely with her and helped create some of her biggest hits like "Como la flor" and "Amor prohibido." We can't imagine how difficult it was for him to lose is sister and what must have felt like his life's work at once. "I had an awesome and beautiful sister that touched many hearts," A.B. told BMI. "She's more important than what I am. I was asked during a recent interview about what I felt most comfortable doing. My comfortable job was making the hits for Selena. My job was to be the guy in the shadows. That's the guy I liked being. Now I have to be the voice for her to make sure her legacy continues." 

Suzette Quintanilla, Selena's sister also shared an incredible bond with her. They were best friends that spent so much time on a tour bus while they were on the road. "Late nights after the gigs, she would wipe off her makeup, she would eat something, and then she would come and crawl in our bunk and we would just talk," Suzette told Popsugar. "About her makeup line, her dreams, her being a mother, her being married to Chris — just about life, what families and what sisters normally do. That for me was my special moment."

A.B. and Suzette have share so much about their time with Selena. Here are some of the best throwback pictures they have shared with fans on social media.

Look at Selena's smile! 1

Love this photo of this crew.


This trio was a thick as thieves. 2

"Best big bro and lil sis I could ever have!!" Suzette captioned this picture." "Looking back on old pictures today with my heart full. I’m truly blessed to have had this bond growing up. No matter what... FAMILIA is Life!!"


Suzette shared this sweet photo on National Siblings Day two years ago. 3

We wonder what they were laughing about.

There goes that beautiful smile again. 4

Here she is surrounded by her band, Los Dinos.


Here is Selena with her mom and Suzette. 5

This must be such a precious memory.


Having a close relationship with a sibling is a huge blessing. 6

"Woke this morning from an amazing dream we were hanging out laughing the rest of the story is mine to keep," Suzette wrote. "Lol love u Buffy."


This picture warms our hearts. 7

So cute!

Selena's dad groomed her for success from a young age. 8

"#TBT BIG TIME!!" Suzette wrote. "My dark nugget head is on drums, dad in guitar and Sel on vocals! I personally think Selena looks soooo much like my brother AB here! Made me look twice!! Lol."


A.B. and Selena left a permanent mark on the Tejano music scene. 9

"How can The Tejano market be fixed???" A.B. wrote in 2014. "Through strong leadership, organization, and financial backing. This pic was taken at The Tejano Awards back in the day when you truly had to have a hit across the board to even be nominated."

Selena was rubbing shoulders with other artists long before she became a household name. 10

"Selena, AB, Roberto Pulido, Mr. Q and myself #TBT," Suzette captioned this photo.


This is such an '80s moment! 11

"Photo shoot in the garage!!!" A.B. wrote. "Lol!!! Shiny Pants!!!"

We rarely see pictures of Selena and her extended family. 12

"#TBT Selena and Grandpa Abraham Sr.," A.B. wrote.


Here she is with her other grandfather. 13

"Suzette, Grandpa Ralph, Selena, A.B.," A.B. captioned the image.

Selena's cousin was her BFF. 14

"Selena and our cousin Sarah," A.B. wrote. "Sarah was Selena's best friend!!! #familia"


Selena got to spend time with some of her nieces and nephews. 15

"Tia Selena with my kids," A.B. wrote.

Selena winning a Grammy was such an iconic moment. 16

We would get an ice sculpture of the trophy if we won one too.


Selena and A.B. were so young in this pic. 17


A.B. openly shares how difficult it has been to lose his sister. 18

"This post is dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one," A.B. captioned this photo in 2016. "It never gets easier only harder!!!"


A.B. asked fans to guess who was in this picture. 19

We could tell this was Selena from a mile away.

"She was a hard working artist who took power naps," A.B. shared. 20

Only Selena could look this glamorous while taking a nap.