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Growing up, even the celebrities we all adore had their own stars they looked up to. They grew up loving artists just like the rest of us and sometimes after they become famous, they even get the chance to meet them. Meeting a person you grew up admiring is definitely a dream come true, right?

That dream became a reality for stars who had the opportunity to see their favorite singers and actors in person, and some of them absolutely lost their cool--and that's totally understandable. Are you human if you don't get a little nervous in front of Jennifer Lopez the way Bad Bunny did? We don't blame him at all, and of course, he hasn't been the only one to lose it a bit when meeting J.Lo. 

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These celebs reacted the same way a regular person would if they saw an A-Lister and coming face-to-face with someone you've adored for years is definitely panic-inducing. Just the nerves that come with trying to say the right thing and to make a fool out of yourself are enough to make even the most relaxed person a bit anxious. And emotions are totally understandable when this happens. Take YouTube star Lele Pons, for example, who couldn't control her tears when she met Shakira backstage at one of her concerts. 

When Cardi B started gaining lots of fame, she found herself getting up close and personal with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The day she met Beyoncé, Cardi took to Instagram to brag about meeting the singer--and we totally get it. The "Single Ladies" singer has had that effect on plenty of other Latino celebrities. Take a look at some of our favorite celebrities getting starstruck by other famous stars.

Lele Pons cried so hard when she met Shakira. 1

Lele was bawling in the video she shared of when she met Shakira, her idol. "BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PICTURE MY WHOLE LIFE... 😱😱," she captioned an adorable snap they took together.


Cardi B was over the moon when she met Beyoncé. 2

Cardi said she absolutely lost her cool when she saw Queen Bey. “When I met Beyoncé, people be like, ‘How that felt? I bet you was mad happy,’ ” she recalled the interaction in an interview with GQ. “It’s like, ‘Actually, I wanted to s–t on myself.’ It was a very scary thing. All she was doing was like, ‘Hi. I love your music.’ And I was like — UHHHN!”


Camila Cabello met her musical inspiration. 3

Back when Camila was still in Fifth Harmony, she cried when she saw Alejandro Sanz performing at the Latin Billboard Awards. Although they didn't meet that night, when they did cross paths for the first time she was estatic. Fast foward a few years, and the pair are working on music together.

J Balvin was completely timid when he met Rihanna. 4

He ran into the superstar at the Paris Men's Fashion Week and was completely thrown off his game. "This woman takes my breath away. She’s on another level and I look shy and so dumb lol 😂 🌹," he captioned an Instagram video of the moment.


Mariah Carey's magic had Anne Hathaway and Tamera Mowry in awe. 5

While walking down the red carpet, the diva left both actresses blown away by her mere presence.


Selena Gomez got tricked into meeting her favorite actor. 6

The singer walked into a makeup room thinking she was going to meet some of her fans only to find actor Shia LaBeouf sitting inside instead. Selena absolutely freaked out since she had such a huge crush on the actor at the time.


Bad Bunny was completely stunned when he met Jennifer Lopez. 7

He admitted to being "a little nervous" when he met the Puerto Rican star the first time.

When Beyoncé jumped on the remix for J Balvin's song, the world went crazy. 8

The pair finally took the stage together to perform "Mi Gente," when Bey brought out the Colombian singer as a special guest during her Coachella 2018 set. Balvin, who usually looks super confident, seemed nervous and later shared his excitement via Instagram. "NEVER STOP DREAMING !!!!" he captioned an adorable photo of them together.


Juanpa Zurita kept it chill when meeting Luis Miguel. 9

While he said there was zero tension when he met LuisMi after starring as his brother in the Luis Miguel: La Serie, Juanpa said it was an honor to meet someone with such an incredible work ethic.

Diego Boneta looked as happy as a child at Disney World when he met the Mexican superstar. 10

Diego portrayed the role of Luis Miguel in the show, and they were both all smiles first time they met.


Gina Rodriguez lost it when she met Meryl Streep. 11

Meryl walked behind Gina while she was posing for pics on the the SAG Awards red carpet in January 2017. Gina shared this pic and captioned it: "This was about 3 seconds before I lost my s--t. Meryl, thanks for the photobomb. My s--t is now officially lost."

Cardi B became totally shy around J. Cole. 12

Cardi met tons of giant artists when she first started blowing up in 2017 but during her first chat with the rapper, she seemed super nervous and quiet as he gave her some career advice. Shout out to him for wearing a Colombian soccer jersey!


J Balvin also met Jay-Z and revealed that the rapper is a great man. 13

"I reconfirm that the Success of a Man is in his Human Qualities," he captioned an Instagram pic of them sharing a laugh together.

Becky G has said time and time again how much she loves, Jennifer Lopez--and it worked! 14

Jen stopped by the studio to listen to one of Becky's first songs called, “Becky from the Block,” and liked it so much she even made a cameo in the video. “It was like a ‘pinch me now’ moment. I still get goosebumps when I watch the video,” Becky told Access Hollywood about their meeting."She is just naturally beautiful but, yeah, she walked into the studio looking all hot and stuff, [wearing a] fur coat, I was like 'Oh my gosh!'”

She added: "I had just finished coming from my workout so my hair was all crazy and they’re like, ‘Jennifer Lopez is coming by in 10 minutes.’ I was like 'What?!' So I ran to the bathroom and got all ready.”


Ariana Grande couldn't hide her tears when meeting her comedic hero. 15

When the singer met Jim Carrey she absolutely lost it and broke into tears. "Met my childhood crush Jim Carrey. could even speak. he was kind, warm and human. I'm so happy," she tweeted about the meeting in 2014.

Meeting one of your idols can make anyone nervous, especially when it's Jennifer Lopez. 16

Cardi met Jennifer and she was stunned. But J.Lo being the pro that she is, defused the nerves by talking about nails and asking Cardi if she was having a good time. 


Tiffany Haddish went to great lengths to cross Meryl Streep's path. 17

Tiffany does not play when it comes to meeting her idols. The actress saw the Oscar winner at the awards show and hopped a few ropes in a long gown to make sure she got to meet Meryl. And of course, the comedian even bowed down to the legendary actress. 

Jennifer Lawrence was stunned when she met Jack Nicholson. 18

The night she wore an Oscar for the Silver Linings Playbook, JLaw found herself winning twice when the legendary actor interrupted one of her interviews. She played it cool and exchanged a few jokes with Jack but completely lost it when he left. 


Chance the Rapper was shocked when Beyoncé snuck in behind him. 19

The singer grabbed his arm while he was being interviewed at the Video Music Awards, and while the rapper had met Bey before, he was pleasantly surprised and his reaction was the cutest thing ever.

Tiffany Haddish was very emotional when Oprah surprised her. 20

After saying that she loved Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres surprised the comedian with a special appearance of the media mogul herself. 


Nicki Minaj got down on the floor to honor her musical hero. 21

When Nicki met Lauryn Hill for the first time, she started crying and called her "the queen."