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Luis Miguel is not the type of person who usually shows his emotions. But El Sol de Mexico couldn't resist shedding a few tears during a show in San Antonio, Texas, in August 2018. Being an artist takes plenty of courage and requires a lot of vulnerability, especially for musicians who go on stage to share deeply personal music and moments with thousands of their biggest fans. 

It's not uncommon for a singer to be moved to tears during a concert, depending on what they're going through in their personal lives and how inspired they are by their adoring fans in the crowd. Seeing someone like the "Si Nos Dejan" singer or Marc Anthony openly crying on stage reminds us all that after all, even though they are superstars, they're also human beings. 

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Some artists have been forced to take the stage following the death of a loved one. Lupillo Rivera took the stage soon after his sister Jenni Rivera died and he couldn't stop himself from tearing up in front of concertgoers. When Selena Gomez lost a close friend to gun violence, she paid tribute to her during a show but kept getting choked up as she sang the songs. Juan Gabriel's death caused one of the Latino world's biggest stars to sob on stage and others have also cried at the memory of people they've lost.

Sometimes it's the love from the audience that's enough to bring even the most manliest of men down to his knees to cry midconcert--and that's quite special to witness. Scroll through to see other celebs who have worn their hearts on their sleeves, including Jennifer Lopez and Jenni Rivera, and weren't ashamed to show their emotions in front of their fans and cried on stage.

A usually reserved Luis Miguel broke down into tears during a concert. 1

During a show in San Antonio, Texas, in August 2018, LuisMi addressed his fans to tell them how grateful he was for them. "I wish I could express so much of what I feel in this moment. There are no words that can define exactly the love and appreciation..." he said before covering his face and crying. 


Selena Gomez broke down on stage after the passing of her friend, Christina Grimmie. 2

Selena dedicated two songs to her friend and fellow singer, Christina, who died from gunshot wounds to the chest and head after a concertgoer shot her outside of a venue after a show.


Marc Anthony had to ask the audience for help while paying tribute to Juan Gabriel. 3

Marc was so hurt by the death of the Mexican legend, that he couldn't get through the words while covering his song "Abrazame Muy Fuerte," because he was weeping and asked his fans to help him sing.  

Nothing can make Jennifer Lopez cry quicker than thinking about her kids. 4

Ever since J.Lo welcomed her twins, Emme and Max, the world has seen a more softer and vulnerable side of the singer. During her Las Vegas show, when she dedicates the song "I Hope You Dance" to them, she tends to tear up as photos of her children are shown on the screen.


Jenni Rivera was known for her passionate performances. 5

Halfway through performing her song "Ya Lo Se" the late singer broke down into tears. There's no way you can sing powerfully vulnerable songs like that and not be filled with emotion during a performance.


Lupillo Rivera cried on stage while remembering his sister, Jenni. 6

The singer took the stage after his sister's passing, and sang the last song they ever sang together. Lupillo couldn't hold back the tears, and it was so hard to see him cry.


Enrique Iglesias started crying after a three-minute long standing ovation. 7

The singer was so moved by his fans' applause that he doubled over and started crying in the middle of the stage. His fans screamed for him and cheered him on for quite a while.

Shakira's original style of music used to make her cry. 8

When Shakira first started her career back in the 1990s, her songs were a lot more emotional and full of feeling. She started to tear up during a performance of her track "Tu" and watching this honestly makes us miss her old style of music.


Mariah Carey apologized to fans for crying during a performance. 9

Mariah put her head down while singing her vulnerable song "Looking In" at the 2013 at All-Star Charity Concert Central Park, and apologized to fans for getting choked up. 

Demi Lovato burst into tears while performing in Manchester. 10

The singer spoke to the crowd in June 2018 in regards to the Manchester bombing that took place after an Ariana Grande in 2017 and it brought Demi to tears. She thanked her fans for showing up to celebrate music, even after the terrifying incident. 


J Balvin was so grateful to be welcomed in Puerto Rico, he teared up. 11

He thanked God and his Puerto Rican fans for accepting and loving him.

Vicente Fernandez cried while saying goodbye to his fans. 12

Before retiring from the stage, Vicente gave a heartfelt speech to his fans and started crying. So cute.


Justin Bieber was moved to tears by his fans' support. 13

The singer was in tears during one of his concerts for the Purpose tour, after he performed his song "I'll Show You."

Maluma might look like a bad boy but he's not afraid of his feelings. 14

The Colombian singer showed his vulnerable and appreciative side when he got down on his knees and cried during a packed out concert while his fans cheered for him.


Rihanna left her emotions on the stage while performing "Love the Way You Lie." 15

It was never revealed why the singer teared up while performing in Dublin but it was clear that something about the song was deeply moving her, enough to shed some real tears in front of the crowd.

Beyoncé couldn't help but cry while performing "Heaven." 16

It was rumored that the song, which centers around death and loss, was written after Bey lost her first child to a miscarriage. It was later clarified that the song was inspired by her mom, Tina, losing her best friend.


Juan Gabriel was visibly emotional at one of his very last shows. 17

The singer always gave his all on stage but during a concert that took place just days before his death, the singer's eyes welled up with tears while he sang passionately with the crowd.

Miley Cyrus was moved by a song cover she did at one of her concerts. 18

While performing Lana Del Rey's "Summer Time Sadness" during her Bangerz tour, Miley started tearing up and her mascara ran down her cheeks. 


Ariana Grande cried while playing tribute to her late grandfather. 19

The singer headed out on her Honeymoon tour just months after her grandpa passed away in July 2014. During every show she played a snippet of him talking and sang her song "My Everything," but during a show in March 2015, she started crying in the middle of singing.

Katy Perry took the stage after realizing her marriage was over. 20

The singer revealed in her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me that she almost didn't take the stage for a show in Brazil after finding out that her marriage to Russell Brand had ended. She then mustered up the courage to perform, only to break down in tears when fans started chanting, "We love you, Katy!"