Photo editing is a huge part of social media. Instagram and Snapchat both have heavily relied on tools like filters to make users' photos look more appealing. It's a way to make pics prettier and more fitting to your particular aesthetic but sometimes people take things too far, especially celebrities. 

While there's nothing wrong with enhancing their images, using tools like Photoshop to alter the way they look in pics is something that fans often call out famous people for. Whether it's on social media or when they're on magazine covers, it's easy to tell when a person looks totally different than what they normally look like. 

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Some celebrities have even called out the publications for altering their bodies or image, and have pushed them to show their readers exactly how the stars are without editing. Blurring out wrinkles, blemishes, cellulite or imperfections using photo apps like Facetune can be problematic for a lot of reasons also. While magazines have had a huge effect on women's body image issues, now social media has taken on that role and is causing a major dilemma for young women and girls. 

They are growing up seeing women who appear to be flawless without realizing that the photo had to go through plenty of editing tools and filters before it was considered good enough to be published. There have been many famous women including Lupita Nyong'o and others, who have taken a stand against publications who have edited their cover photos without their consent. This is important because it sends a message to their fans that the stars are comfortable with the world seeing them as they are, and that they could live without Photoshop. We have a long way to go before everyone accepts that same attitude.

For now, take a look at some Photoshop fail moments that we will never forget.

Selena Gomez's selfie had a clear Photoshop mistake. 1

Sel's hairstylist posted this pic to show off the singer's new cut in 2017. The door on the left side of her selfie was clearly crooked, and although the pic was gorgeous, her fans were quick to notice the error.


Kylie Jenner has been accused of Photoshopping many of her pics. 2

The makeup mogul posted this pic in 2017, and her fans jumped in the comments to say how edited it looked because the curtain by her hip looked altered. She later addressed "the Photoshop police" on Snapchat and said that the curtain hangs crooked.


Fans were quick to tell Shakira she doesn't need Photoshop. 3

While some retouching for promotional campaigns is understandable, this photo of Shakira to promote her Diamonds fragrance took things to the extreme. Fans reminded the Colombian singer that she doesn't need to Photoshop herself because she's perfect the way she is.

Jennifer Lopez laughed off the haters who said she altered her abs selfie. 4

After she posted one of her many gym selfies, fans noticed a blurred area on her waistline and she took to the comments to address the comments. "Omg...just a smudge on the photoshop. #lordblessthehaters #gymrat #youshouldtryit #wishtherewasaphotoshopforhaters," she fired back.


Even queen Beyoncé is said to have edited her pics. 5

When the singer posted this bikini pic of herself walking down some stairs, it seemed like she had edited her legs to appear thinner. Fans pointed out that a stair in between her thighs looks a bit slanted compared to the rest. 


Thalía's fans were not having it with this photo. 6

Some Instagram users commented on the photo asking the singer why she had edited her face so much. 


Lupita Nyong'o called out a magazine for editing out her natural hair. 7

"Being featured on the cover of a magazine fulfills me as it is an opportunity to show other dark, kinky-haired people, and particularly our children, that they are beautiful just the way they are," the actress wrote on Instagram about the incident. "I am disappointed that @graziauk invited me to be on their cover and then edited out and smoothed my hair to fit their notion of what beautiful hair looks like."

Kim seemed to have severed her own arm in a pic. 8

She posed for a pic with her bestie Jonathan Cheban in 2014, but it looked like half her arm is missing!


Maluma was called out for a Photoshop fail. 9

The Colombian singer had a photo of himself surrounded by semi-naked women for the single cover of his song "Mala Mia," and fans called him out when they spotted a random arm in the center of the pic that didn't seem to belong to any of the models in the pic.

Kim Kardashian raised some eyebrows with this butt selfie. 10

Back in 2014 when Kim was still friends with Blac Chyna, the two curvy models snapped a mirror selfie. Fans noticed that the floor on the left side looked a bit warped.


Kris Jenner has also fallen victim to the photo-altering epidemic. 11

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch posed for a photo alongside Gordon Ramsay and her face looked so much smoother than the chef's and fans accused her of editing out her wrinkles.

Demi Lovato was accused of Photshopping a pic for a serious reason. 12

A fan accussed Demi of breaking her sobrierity in April 2018 after a photo of her hanging out with friends surfaced online. In this image, it looks like Demi has nothing in her hand but the original shows that the singer was holding a drink. She later denied it and said it was Red Bull and not liquor. 


Christina Aguilera has always been gorgeous, but one of her magazine covers raised some eyebrows. 13

Christina Aguilera has always been gorgeous, but one of her magazine covers raised some eyebrows.

Lucky Magazine

The singer appeared on the October 2012 cover of Lucky looking as gorgeous as ever. While she's naturally beautiful, some critics suggested that her waist looked smaller than usual and that her face looked like it had undergone some alterations.

Mariah Carey has always had a killer body. 14

Mariah Carey has always had a killer body.


The singer was featured as the cover star for ELLE magazine in August 2008. She looked way thinner than usual and her head looked disproportionate with the rest of her body. 


Camila Mendes took a stand against a popular magazine. 15

The Riverdale star called out Cosmopolitan Phillipines for reducing the size of her waist on the cover in March 2018. "We want their readers to know that those bodies are not ours, they have been distorted from their natural beauty," Camila wrote on her Instagram Story at the time. Her costar, Lili Reinhart, also spoke up against the editing and shared the before and after of the photos on Instagram.

Mariah Carey's cabinet looked a bit warped in this pic. 16

The cabinet in between the singer's legs seems to bend a little on one side. Fans took to the comments to point it out and one laughed it off calling her a "Photoshop icon."


Even Instagram queen Britney Spears has had a few mishaps. 17

Fans jumped to the comments to point out that she forgot to edit the floor under her back after editing to make her appear slimmer than she already is.

Everyone knows Ninel Conde's body is insane, but so is her use of Photoshop. 18

The singer's body is already great so the use of more editing to make her waist seem even smaller is totally unnecessary. 


Chiquis Rivera was put on blast. 19

When she appeared on The Riveras reality show wearing a surfing suit, the show's Instagram account shared an image comparing that look with her usual bathing suit pics. Fans commented on the pic saying she looked heavier on the show because she usually uses Photoshop on her social media pics.

Khloé Kardashian has constantly been accused of editing her pics. 20

She's the queen of using Facetune but also has also been known to enhance her curves in the past.