William Levy
William Levy/Instagram

If you're looking for a little pick-me-up, these hot photos of William Levy are exactly what you need. The Cuban actor is as close to perfection as we are going to get in this lifetime. Not only is he absolutely flawless physically, but he also has a heartwarming story from his days in Cuba and he is also an incredible father.

His sensitive nature and his gorgeous and piercing eyes only add to his appeal. William has been able to win over the hearts of women all around the world after he successfully transitioned from acting in novelas in Latin America to doing shows and movies in Hollywood. It would be unjust to box him into a single market because aside from his good looks, he's also super talented.

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He first started as a model when he moved to Miami from Havana and has since been making a name for himself in the acting world. He has been connecting directly with his fans on social media by sharing the steamiest and dreamiest photos of himself, that'll make you hit "like" before you even have a chance to process the images. 

He often shares shirtless selfies in bed and even pics of himself taking baths on Instagram. His page is, honestly, the gift that keeps on giving. He has two kids, Christopher and Kailey, with his longtime partner, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, and the family photos he shares with them are also incredibly sweet. Scroll through to see some of the hottest pics that William has shared through the years on Instagram, and be ready because things are about to get super steamy.

Who can resist taking a good car seflie? 1

The sunlight inside a car always provides the most perfect lighting for a selfie. Not that William needs any help with his amazing bone structure and all.


Let's talk about that smile. 2

How gorgeous is this pic? His smile is just so perfect it lights up his whole face.  


The way he's looking into the camera is too much to handle. 3

His piercing hazel eyes are looking directly into the camera and it almost feels like he's staring right into your soul. 

OK, this photo is so unfair. 4

Is it fair for someone to be this good looking? Absolutely not. The actor knows he's handsome, and he's not afraid to show it off. 


William's shirtless selfies are incredible. 5

We love seeing these types of selfies that he shares on Instagram. He looks so handsome and it's hard to look away.


All of a sudden we want a glass of champagne. 6

Anyone else feeling a little thirsty?


He makes us feel as if he's staring right into our eyes. 7

His bed selfies are truly everything.

His abs look insane in this pic. 8

This pic with his daughter, Kailey, is too cute for words and there's no denying he looks incredible.


All we want to do is fall asleep and wake up right there. 9

He took this pic in Tokyo and he looks so peaceful and beautiful.

He looks like prince charming. 10

He's so gorgeous, our hearts can't take it.


Doesn't this pic just make you want to jump in? 11

Whoever took this pic is the luckiest person alive.

He apparently loves taking selfies in bed. 12

It feels like his eyes are piercing straight through the pic.


He shared this shirtless black-and-white pic, and it's just too much. 13

The shadows in this pic highlight every muscle and it's like a work of art.

His hair, his shoulder muscles, his beard, his skin, etc. 14

How is one human being this flawless?


This throwback is from when he first arrived in Miami. 15

He said he took this super hot pic after he decided to be a model.

What a beautiful creature. 16

That cheetah is pretty cute, too.


Imagine going on a blind date and you see this man sitting in front of you? 17

A girl can dream.

His back is so strong. 18

He's really a masterpiece.


His shoulders are so dreamy. 19

It's clear our boy William lives at the gym.

What a great catch! 20

The actor is the catch in this instance, not the poor little fish.


While a shirtless pic is always hot, a stylish man is even hotter. 21

Seeing him wearing a button-down shirt and tie reminds us how handsome men look when they're dressed up.

His side profile is just perfection. 22

How can one man be this gorgeous?


He was definitely feeling himself in this mirror selfie. 23

We would confidently take snaps like this too if we looked as good as him!

He knows how to turn up the heat. 24

He looks great while enjoying some sunshine.


Of course he also takes gym selfies. 25

We're going to ignore that it looks like he's wearing jeans for his workout.

The actor shared this pic to say good morning to his fans. 26

Now that's a great way to start the day.


If he looked at us the way he's looking at his food, we'd probably melt. 27

All that seafood looks great and all, but we can't take our eyes off of him.

That smoldering look of his is to die for. 28

It's hard to look directly at the screen when he looks like that!


He might be covered up and all but we can't help but think he is SO good-looking. 29

Imagine sitting on a plane with him next to you?

He shared a shirtless pic for International Women's Day. 30

Honestly, this was a great gift for us all.


There's nothing sexier than a man who's a good father. 31

While this is a compilation of his hottest looks, there's nothing lovelier than seeing a good-looking guy be an even better family man.