The Thalía Challenge is taking over Instagram & it's hilarious


Thalía's Instagram is finally getting the love and attention it deserves. The Mexican singer has a brand new social media challenge inspired by her, and it's honestly hilarious. Fans have created the Thalía Challenge and it revolves around them mimicking the former novela star and her unique and special way of talking to her viewers on social media.

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Thalía shared a video last week of herself wearing a gorgeous pink fringed jumpsuit and she was talking directly to fans as if she was on FaceTime. The actress is known for her positivity and her over-the-top way of sending her fans love, especially with the adorable way she speaks to them. "Are you there, my loves? Can you hear me?" she started saying in the now-famous clip and then began singing the questions over and over. 

Now fans are flooding Instagram with their own take on her impromptu song, and they've turned the moment into a meme and are even predicting it'll be her next big hit. 

It all started with Thalía sharing a video of herself cheerfully talking to her fans.

Thalía is always so full of light and happiness in her Instagram videos and now fans have turned that into a brand new, super funny challenge using the hashtag #ThaliaChallenge. 


This guy was SPOT on!

El mejor #thaliachallenge que eh visto ja ja ja te wuedo super @sanzythoo ay thalia @thalia

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Instead of using his own voice, this one fan did a bit of lipsyncing and it's fantastic! 


This fan even created his own outfit to look like Thalía's.

The heels, the kicks, the toilet paper dress. Everything about this video is hilarious! 

Some fans even got together with their friends to take on the challenge.

This trio totally nailed it and got her giggles, her body movements and attitude on point--and it was too cute!


This one fan took on the challenge in the middle of a supermarket.

She's got the moves down so perfectly, it's hard not to laugh. 

Someone turned the moment into a hilarious meme.

Thalia expressed how grateful she was for her fans and Instagram users took that part and said that's how they feel when their friends invite them out to eat. SAME!


Even kids got in on the fun!

This little boy nailed it! 

Someone even turned it into a reggaeton song.

A fan made the song into a danceable reggaeton tune and Thalía should honestly run to the studio and lay down the vocals. This could be a hit! 


Thalía is definitely a breath of fresh air on social media.

While Instagram can often be a superficial place, Thalía is almost always guaranteed to be a ray of sunshine on your timeline. She often speaks to fans and spreads positivity and that's definitely someone worth following!

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