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Pets have become an integral part of people's families. Whether you're a cat person or a dog lover, chances are a furry friend has stolen your heart at one point. Celebrities are not immune to the love a pet can give, and often become totally obsessed with their four-legged friends. 

Some even take their love and turn it into animal activism, while others dedicate entire Instagram pages to their pet. No matter who you are or how much money you have, a dog or cat will always look at you at you as its hero, and everyone deserves that kind of unconditional love. 

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Dogs are said to be man's best friend, and for some stars, that is actually true. Eugenio Derbez, for example, shares such a special bond with his dog, Fiona, and seeing him interact with her on social media is so precious. Some singers have become true cat ladies and they're totally proud of it, often sharing the most breathtaking selfies with their kitties by their side. 

Fans have witnessed stars like Eva Longoria sadly lose their precious dogs, while others have watched along as the pets went from tiny puppies to grown-up dogs. While we love seeing baby photos, sometimes it's great to see a photo of a pooch on our timelines. These celebrities have given animal lovers some great content of their furball babies over the years. So take a look at the gallery to see some of the cutest celeb pets of all time.

Lili Estefan was heartbroken when she thought she lost her dog, Jalapeño. 1

The TV personality looked beyond happy in September 2018 when she was reunited with her cute pup after days of him being missing. She thanked her kind neighbors for their help in finding him. So cute!


Emilio Estefan posed with three pups on his lap. 2

He called himself a dog lover and said that his pets give him unconditional love.


Katy Perry loves her nugget, flaws and all. 3

She tweeted in September 2018 that she thinks her tiny dog has a bit of an issue. "My dog has halitosis but secretly I love it," she tweeted. That's kind of gross but cute at the same time. 

Ximena Duque adores her little furry guy. 4

The actress has a Labradoodle, which is a mix of a Labrador and poodle, and his name is Oreo!  


Ximena's daughter, Luna, is already quite the pet love herself. 5

The tiny baby posed for pics with the family dogs and her mom captioned the post writing about the imporance of teaching our children to love and care for our pets at an early age.


As if he wasn't cute enough, seeing a pic of Brooklyn Beckham holding a dog is just too adorable. 6

David Beckham's son introduced the world to his new pup with this sweet Instagram pic and said his name is Fig Beckham.


Dayanara looked gorgeous in this pic with her cat. 7


Thalía looked so gorgeous in this pic with her pups. 8

They even got their very own New Year's Eve party hats. How stinking cute!


Maluma and his girlfriend Natalia are dog parents to a cute little pup. 9

Her name is Princess Julieta and she even has her own Instagram. 

Kylie Jenner adores her pups! 10

Life as a mom has taken over but Kylie has two greyhound pups named Normie and Bambi, and they are so cute! But she also has a ton of other adorable pets.


Eva Longoria is a proud dog mom. 11

The actress has a gorgeous dog named Popeye. Sadly, she lost her beloved dog, Jinxy, in 2018.

Taylor Swift is the definition of a cat lady. 12

The singer loves her cats so much that she even has earrings with their little faces on them. 


Salma Hayek cuddles up with her pup, Ocho. 13

Look how gorgeous the actress looks in this makeup-free look.

Eugenio Derbez loves his adorable pup, Fiona. 14

Fiona turned 6 in 2018 and her dad shared some adorable pics of her. Fiona even has her own Instagram page. 


Leo Messi has a gigantic dog named Hulk. 15

We would dare to say that Messi's dog might just be bigger than him.

Kate del Castillo adores her doggie, Lola. 16

She treats her like her little baby.


Enrique Iglesias looks so handsome with his two four-legged friends. 17

We can't decide which one of the three are cuter, to be honest.

Miley Cyrus is passionate about her pets. 18

Miley and her fiance Liam Hemsworth share a special bond over how much they love their countless animals.


Lili Estafan loves her pup! 19

The El Gordo y La Flaca host shared this pic with her pup and wrote, "I love this dog!"

Gisele Bündchen looked gorgeous lounging with her dogs! 20

The model looked so cozy with her adorable pups.


Camila Cabello has a dog named Leo. 21

She doesn't get to see him much since she's often on the road, but they look so cute together.

Gina Rodriguez shares so many posts with her dog. 22

He's such a cutie, we don't blame her!


J Balvin's pup looks like a tiny bear. 23

How cute is he?

Eiza González's dog is her everything. 24

When her dog, Pasita, lost her eye, Eiza was heartbroken. "My dog is absolutely everything to me," she wrote on Instagram. 


Paulina Rubio is often photographed with her furry friends. 25

She's a true animal fan, indeed.

Demi Lovato has a dog named Batman. 26

The singer welcomed Batman into her family after she lost her dog, Buddy, during a coyote attack in 2015.