Cardi B joked about hanging out with Kris Jenner & Kim Kardashian but some fans aren't laughing

cardi b and kim kardashian and kris jenner
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Hollywood is a small world. It got even smaller this weekend when Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Cardi B let fans know that they were hanging out together. Naturally, her followers were SHOOK.

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The group was hanging out at Kris' house in Los Angeles on Saturday and snapped photos and videos of the whole thing. It was a cute laid back moment but Cardi used the opportunity to hilariously remind us that she is very rich, and we are still laughing.

Cardi, Kim and Kris hung out on the couch trying on a Snapchat filter.

Celebrities, they're just like us.


Cardi greeted Kim's fans in her signature style.

"Well, hello there, everybody! How ya'll doing?" she said. Kim and Kris couldn't help but laugh.


According to Kim, they were having a late night house party.

"Late night shenanigans at home with @iamcardib @kimkardashian #love #friendship #family," Kris wrote on Instagram.

But the caption Cardi used for this iconic selfie is what's getting people talking.

"I'm officially part of the rich people club!!" she wrote. "I’m not poor anymore mwaaaaahahahaha!! P.S. I’m selling one of @krisjenner napkins on eBay!!"


However, Cardi's fans were torn about her hanging out with the Kardashians.

Some felt like she was being used and were not laughing with Cardi.

She is already very rich but some jokes just write themselves.

A Kardashian connection is very powerful. Kylie Jenner alone is worth almost $1 billion. When you add the empires that Kim and the rest of the family have built, it is clear that they have accumulated an extreme amount of wealth. 


Cardi is just getting started but well on her way to growing her fortune.

She built her fame on social media and reality TV, much like the Kardashians. Her music career and endorsements have taken off because of the fan base she cultivated on those platforms. Cardi may have had to drop out of her tour with Bruno Mars because she wasn't ready after recently giving birth to daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, but she is already back in the studio working on new music. The hustle never stops.

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