She then starred in "As the Bell Rings" in 2007. 1

She then starred in

Disney Channel

She got her start on Disney Channel in the short-lived TV series As the Bell Rings in 2007.


She became a superstar after starring in "Camp Rock." 2

She became a superstar after starring in

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She starred in Camp Rock alongside the Jonas Brothers, and she became a worldwide sensation.


Demi dated Joe during their time as Disney Channel costars. 3

Demi dated Joe during their time as Disney Channel costars.

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The pair dated for only a couple of months in 2010, according to Demi, but the end of their romance affected the Grammy-nominated singer.

She released her debut album. 4

She released her debut album.

Hollywood Records

Demi got to share her vocal talent with the world when she released her first album, Don't Forget, in September 2008.


Demi starred alongside Selena again. 5

Demi starred alongside Selena again.

Disney Channel

She then starred in the TV movie Princess Protection Program 2009 alongside Selena again!


She got her first lead role in a series. 6

She got her first lead role in a series.

Disney Channel

She got a lead role in the series Sonny With a Chance in 2010.


Demi went back to "Camp." 7

Demi went back to

Disney Channel

Demi returned to the Disney Channel to star in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam in 2010. She headed out on a world tour for the movie alongside her costars.

Demi headed to rehab for the first time. 8

Demi headed to rehab for the first time.

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Demi dropped out of the Jonas Brothers tour in November 2010, after she punched a backup dancer on the road. She then had to enter a rehab facility for treatment. She later revealed she was struggling with eating disorders, cutting, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder.


She released "Unbroken" after her stint in rehab. 9

She released

Hollywood Records

She released her second album, Unbroken, just months after leaving treatment. The project debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard charts, with the help of the highly successful lead single "Skyscraper."

She released a documentary about life after rehab. 10

The Demi Lovato: Stay Strong documentary aired in 2012 and followed the singer as she tried to return to music after getting treatment. 


Demi had a stint as a judge on "The X Factor." 11

Demi had a stint as a judge on

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She became a judge and mentor on The X Factor in 2012 and 2013. She revealed on her documentary Simply Complicated that she was going through treatment for her drug addiction at the time.

Demi kept her struggles to herself. 12

Demi kept her struggles to herself.


She joined the panel of famous judges including Simon Cowell, LA Reid, and Britney Spears. No one knew at the time that she was living in a sober-living facility with roommates to avoid falling back into her addictions.


She released "Demi" in 2013. 13

She released

Hollywood Records

The singer released her fourth studio album in 2013, titled Demi.

Demi began dating Wilmer Valderrama. 14

Demi began dating Wilmer when she was just 18. They dated from 2010 to 2016, and she was sober for the majority of their relationship. She revealed that their breakup deeply affected her. 


The world got to see how she was constantly fighting her demons. 15

Prior to the release of her album Tell Me You Love Me in 2017, Demi released another documentary, Simply Complicated, in which she opened up about the previous year of her life dealing with her troubles.

Demi cemented herself as an artist with "Confident." 16

Demi cemented herself as an artist with

Hollywood Records

Demi released her fifth album, Confident, in October 2015, and it was received well by critics. The record included the hit singles "Confident" and "Cool for the Summer." The album was nominated for best pop vocal album at the 59th Grammy Awards, making it the first time a project by Hollywood Records was nominated for a Grammy.


Demi teamed up with Fabletics. 17

After sharing how important fitness has been to keep her balanced, Demi teamed up with sportswear company Fabletics in May 2017 and launched a limited collection with the brand. The company decided to stick by the singer after her overdose scare in 2018.

Demi celebrated six years sober. 18

In March 2018, Demi commemorated her sixth anniversary sober. "Just officially turned 6 years sober. So grateful for another year of joy, health and happiness. It IS possible," she tweeted at the time.


Demi revealed that she wasn't sober anymore. 19

Demi released a song to reveal to her fans that she was no longer sober in June 2018. It was reported that she had a falling out with her longtime life coach and sober companion, Mike Bayer, in May 2018. 

Demi relapsed & was rushed to the hospital. 20

Demi was transported to a hospital in Los Angeles on July 24, 2018, after an apparent overdose. Various outlets reported that it was caused by heroin, but her rep later shut down those claims. Her ex, Wilmer, was seen at the hospital the following day. Demi went straight to rehab after she left the medical center.


Fitness has played a huge part in her recovery and wellness journey. 21

Demi uses jiujitsu as a way to take care of both her mind and body. In December 2018, she posted this picture of herself post-workout and wrote, "Sweaty, messy jiu jitsu hair.. 😝💪🏻 #BJJ #bluebelt #nevergiveup 💙🥋."

She broke her silence two weeks after the overdose. 22

"I want to thank God for keeping me alive and well. I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time. It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet," she wrote in a since deleted Instagram post after her 2018 overdose.


Demi has been spending quality time with her besties. 23

In May, Demi took a trip with her two best friends--hip-hop artist Sirah and actor Matthew Scott Montgomery--to Bora Bora. She posted this picture on Instagram and wrote:

"... just me and my best friends living our best lives.. Thank you for never leaving me in my darkest moments, for always drying my tears.. even when they’re from watching Moana.. thank you for being loyal, honest and so grateful for every little thing.. like crying because we swam with fish/sharks/stingray and coral reef. I’m so lucky to be best friends with two incredible souls who are so talented and creative because it inspires me daily. And you’re so supportive of me and every little thing I do.. You’ve traveled across the country to visit me and stayed with me at my house for days on end when I’m struggling to make sure I’m okay but most importantly you never abandoned me like others did when I was going through [expletive].. you were there to listen, without judgement and only love and I can never fully express what that means to me. You’re the greatest friends I’ve EVER had and our future together is so bright. I love you both more than you can imagine!! Thank you for this past week 💗 @sirahsays@matthew_scott_montgomery ps. I’m both yalls biggest fans 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼."

She is putting herself and her well-being first 24

After all she's been through, especially since last year, Demi knows that she has to put herself and her wellness above all else. On June 27, 2019, she posted this picture of her new "me" tattoo and wrote, "Me first 🖤 thank you @winterstone for my new forever reminder.. #i🖤me."


Demi made a rare public appearance for Christina Aguilera. 25

Demi made a rare public appearance for Christina Aguilera.

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Although Demi has been keeping to herself and just hanging with close friends, she did show up for the opening night of Christina Aguilera's residency in Las Vegas in early June 2019. She was singing along and showing her support from the second row, looking happy and healthy and accompanied by her best friends.