Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to inspiring women to embrace their curves. Despite being bullied for years about her figure, the entertainer continues to rise above her haters. If they thought they would get her to hide and cover up her body, they were wrong. In fact, Chiquis recently posed nude for a feature with Univision. "Whoever is upset by this can be upset, I am sorry. This is for me, to inspire other women with my body type, that have this shape and will understand me. It's for us," she told them.

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But being comfortable naked isn't the only way Chiquis silences body shamers and empowers her fans. She dresses in herself in a way that proves that proves she is proud of her body. Chiquis knows exactly what to wear to make her curves look their best. She kills it on the red carpet and has turned her Instagram into a mini fashion blog that is full of looks her followers can replicate.

If you study her outfits you can come away with numerous style tips. And because Chiquis is an open book with her fans, she has also shared some of her  own secrets over the years. From her love of slimming black leggings and fajas to classic wardrobe staples that are perfect for her shape, here are the curvy fashion lessons we've learned from Chiquis.

Find a part of your body that you love and flaunt it. 1

Chiquis loves showing off her narrow waist in a variety of ways.


Wrap dresses are life. 2

They are a match made in heaven for curvy bodies with a narrow waist like Chiquis. The style also skims over fuller areas you may be looking to conceal. Chiquis paired her maxi version with some serious heels, which elongate her figure.


Whether its a long or mini dress, you can't go wrong with this silhouette. 3

Wrap dresses look good on everyone and feel so sophisticated.

Chiquis also goes for wrap-style jackets and tops. 4

It's a go-to for a reason.


Belts are a great way to cinch the waist in outfits where it would go unnoticed. 5

Pairing a belt with this loose-fitting jumpsuit brought back the hourglass silouhette she usually goes for.


She loves a good crop top. 6

It allows her to show off just a little bit of skin and bring the eye to that area.


She’ll even tie a knot at the waist to get the cropped look. 7

Chiquis knows what works for her and sticks to it.

This peplum top hits it out of the park. 8

This peplum top hits it out of the park.


It has an open neckline, is fitted at the waist, and flares out over the hips highlights Chiquis' body in the best way. Make sure to pair it with fitted bottoms like these skinny jeans she wore.


Layers are your friend. 9

They can help hide areas that you’re not feeling confident about. The simplest way to do it is by throwing on a fabulous jacket, which Chiquis does all of the time.

Long cardigans and dust jackets are essential. 10

If you don't feel ready to step out in a tight dress, a stylish cover up can help you conceal areas you don't want to reveal.


A colorful kimono allows you to cover up while making a statement. 11

You'll still stand out from the crowd in a piece like this. Pair it with a fitted top to keep you looking snatched.

Chiquis also lives in skinny jeans. 12

It gives jackets, dusters, and kimonos the balance that it needs. Wearing flowy tops and bottoms together can make you look bigger than you are most of the time.


Chiquis isn't afraid to break the rules when it comes to tight dresses. 13

Chiquis isn't afraid to break the rules when it comes to tight dresses.


She wears them with confidence and shows that curvy bodies can look good in them as well.

There's no shame in using a faja. 14

Chiquis has shown off her collection in the past and shut down men who don't like them in the process. "A lot of men don't think they're sexy, but I think if you feel sexy then they're sexy," she said. It is important to dress for yourself, so that you feel good, your opinion is the only one that should matter.


High-waisted black leggings are a must-have. 15

Chiquis loves a stretchy option that "hides all of the imperfections," she explained in a video. The right pair can be as good as a faja.

Chiquis knows that open necklines are your best friend if you have a fuller chest. 16

It is so flattering.


You can't go wrong with a tailored suit. 17

Going the extra mile to make sure your suit fits perfectly pays off. Wide leg pants are a great way to make your hips appear smaller. Chiquis' long blazer also helps slim the midsection.

Wide leg pants are a great alternative to maxi skirts. 18

They hug your body a little closer while still giving you room to breathe. Chiquis expertly broke the rules with this printed pair.


A slim cut leg also works. 19

The blazer streamlines the upper half of her body perfectly. This outfit also shows that curvy bodies can totally get away with a fun print from head-to-toe.

Ruched dresses and tops are a game changer. 20

They are incredibly forgiving. Chiquis' green number comes with the added bonus of gathering at her waist for an extra slimming effect.


Pencil skirts are a sexy staple. 21

The leather version Chiquis is rocking highlights her curves in the best way, the gold buckle highlights her waist, and stilettos elongate her legs.

Mini skirts and over-the-knee boots are so fierce. 22

The skirt is the perfect length and Chiquis paired it with a top that ties at the waist to draw attention to the smallest part of her figure.