It's not easy finding true love, especially when you're rich and famous. Based on the amounts of breakups that happen in Hollywood every year, it seems like celebrity relationships don't usually last. There have been beautiful love stories and couples that looked perfect together but just ended way too fast. However, there are some couples who have managed to defy all the odds and have stayed together for quite some time.

There are some rare Hollywood couples who have managed to defeat any obstacles and stayed together, despite anyone who bet against them. Seeing them grow from being young couples to parents and to life partners is super inspiring and makes us believe that love truly does last a lifetime.


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Having a successful and happy marriage takes hard work, especially when the relationship plays out in front of the world. It's admirable to see how so many of these couples are still so deeply in love with each other even after spending decades together. Some of them have gone through plenty of trials and tribulations in their relationships but have found the strength to work through their issues and stay by each others' sides. 

Couples like Gloria and Emilio Estefan or Thalía and Tommy Mottola prove that a lifetime kind of love is possible. Others have shown that even after their ups and downs, they continue to stick by each other to make their marriages work. Real love doesn't fade away easily, and that holds true for these longtime celebrity couples. Click through to see celebrity couples who have been together for what seems like forever. 

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