Eiza González sends blistering message to critics that made her cellulite a headline

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Eiza González has reached her breaking point. The Mexican actress is no longer staying silent in the face of unfair criticisms she has experienced over her cellulite.

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Even though it has been estimated that 80 to 98 percent of women have cellulite, it is still a tool bullies use to tear them down. But Eiza got back at her haters with a note that will make them think twice about coming after her body again.

Body shamers had a field day with paparazzi photos of Eiza in a bikini with boyfriend Josh Duhamel.

The couple was on vacation in Mexico and the cellulite on her legs made headlines, but Eiza clapped back in the best way this week.


First, she posted a video showing off her killer abs on Instagram.

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"Feel comfortable in your own skin," she wrote on Monday. “No one can take that away from you.”


Then she posted a scathing note on Wednesday that brilliantly blasted her critics.

“To see that my body is being used while my privacy is being invaded without my permission feels like I’m being physically violated,” she wrote in Spanish. “It is a shame that we live in a society where a woman’s body can be used for clickbait by the press and to satisfy their insecurities. I feel secure in myself despite all of their prejudices. And whether I have cellulite or not, no one has the right to bully or make someone feel embarrassed for any reason.” 

“Thank God that this is being done to someone that feels complete like me,” she continued.

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"How many people spend time making fun and attacking others and traumatizing young girls and boys? What message and example we are giving the youth with your prejudices and conclusions about other people? I wish you inner peace and what makes me feel sadder is that it’s my country and my people who always attack me the most. We’ll never change, Mexico.”


This isn’t the first time Eiza has called the media out for body shaming.

She flamed Univision’s El Gordo y La Flaca and TV Azteca Noticias in March for making her cellulite news.

“Your kind of journalism is the cancer of this society,” she tweeted.

"You should feel embarrassed. I had cellulite while I was running in a photo, and?? Thank God I feel comfortable with my body but this creates false expectations in society and it is body-shaming and bullying.” 

El Gordo y La Flaca has since deleted their tweet.


Eiza's blistering messages to the media were completely justified and her fans celebrated her for it.

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Picking women apart isn't healthy for anyone and Eiza clearly won't stop making that crystal clear.

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