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Taking a major career leap can be both frightening and exciting, even for celebrities. There have been popular telenovela stars who spread their wings after their roles on the small screen and went on to pursue careers in Hollywood. And it paid off!

Some of these estrellas are deeply loved in the Latino world and they have found even more success in movies and TV shows in the U.S. While others, unfortunately, didn't exactly find the breakthrough role they'd been hoping for.

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Kate del Castillo has found success in new territory with movies and series, while Sofía Vergara went from a small role in a novela starring Saúl Lisazo, to being the highest paid woman in television in the States. Actors like them are proof that when you put your mind to it, there's really no telling how far you can go.

More recently, Eugenio Derbez has been taking Hollywood by storm, and even has two high-profile movies coming out later in 2018. And Eiza González has been slowly and quietly becoming a force in movies and television. Take a look at some stars who have crossed over from telenovelas to Hollywood. 

The Colombian actress is on top of the world. 1

Sofía Vergara appeared in the Mexican novela Acapulco, cuerpo y alma in 1995 and has since become one of the highest paid actresses in American television with her role in Modern Family. She has also gained Emmy and Golden Globes nominations for her role as Gloria in the comedy. She has also starred in multiple movies, including Hot Pursuit, Chef and Four Brothers. ¡Qué talento!


Ana de la Reguera is making Mexico proud. 2

Since starring in the hit novela Gitanas in 2004, Ana has made quite a name for herself with various roles in English-language projects including Nacho Libre, Power and Goliath.


Eiza is sizzling up Hollywood. 3

Eiza went from starring in novelas like Amores Verdaderos to acting in major Hollywood films like Baby Driver.

Eugenio is making people laugh all over the world. 4

Before starring in Hollywood films like How to Be a Latin Lover, Eugenio stole the hearts of the Mexican public with shows like La familia P. Luche. 


Carlos Ponce continues to go back and forth between the two. 5

Carlos Ponce continues to go back and forth between the two.

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From starring in Dame Chocolate to his role in the movie Couples Retreat, Carlos has found a way to conquer both telenovelas and Hollywood at the same time. 


Genesis Rodriguez can do no wrong. 6

While she also starred in Dame Chocolate, she then went on to act in films including What to Expect When You're Expecting and Casa de mi Padre.


Diego Luna went from child telenovela star to serious actor. 7

The Mexican actor starred in the novela El Premio Mayor in 1995, when he was just a child. He has since made a successful Hollywood crossover. 

Ximena Duque is making the transition over to Hollywood. 8

Ximena Duque is making the transition over to Hollywood.

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Ximena got her start in the reality competition show Protagonistas de Novela and after starring in plenty of Spanish-language soap operas, she's making the move over to Hollywood. Most recently she had a role on the show Queen of the South.


Diego Boneta went from being a Rebelde to an American teen heartthrob. 9

Diego Boneta appeared in Rebelde at the start of his career and has since apperaed in American TV shows like Scream Queens and 90210.

Kate Del Castillo made the career jump. 10

Kate Del Castillo made the career jump.

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Kate went from being one of the most highly recognized actresses in Mexico to starring in movies like Under the Same Moon and had small roles in films, including No Good Deed. 


The Cubano who stole movie lovers' hearts. 11

William Levy went from having small roles in Spanish-language shows to being one of Hollywood's hottest hunks.

Gael García Bernal has come a long way. 12

Gael García Bernal has come a long way.

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Gael starred in la novela El Abuelo y Yo in 1992, and now has a long list of credits in Hollywood films, including Coco