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Friendship knows no boundaries. In a world that is set on dividing people of different races and backgrounds, having a great bestie to stick by you through the good and bad is quite special. Some celebrities have grown together and remained by each other's sides, no matter their differences. And seeing the love they have for one another gives a whole new meaning to #BFFGoals.

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A good amount of Hollywood's most well-known dynamic duos are made up of a Latino celebrity and their counterpart, and their bonds are the cutest!

From Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez to Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez, these stars prove that nothing gets in the way when it comes to real love and a genuine friendship. Check out these stars who absolutely adore their Latina and Latino BFFs.

Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayek are true BFF goals. 1

No friendship is cuter than Salma and Penelope’s. The Spaniard and the Mexican actresses have been giving us friendship goals for the longest. They shared some makeup-free selfies in January 2017, and the Grown Ups actress captioned it: “Good #friends are forever Los buenos #amigos son para siempre. #spain#mexico #penelopecruz.”


Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez are pop's most beloved BFFs. 2

 Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez are pop's most beloved BFFs.

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Taylor and Selena have been friends for quite a while. They've been besties for almost 13 years! The pair have gone through a lot of ups and downs but their friendship has come out strong in the end.


Leah Remini & Jennifer Lopez are the cutest together. 3

Leah and J.Lo have been by each other’s sides forever. The pair have been supporting not only one another’s careers but also having each other’s backs in their personal lives. They often share photos together hanging out with their families. They'll also be appearing in the movie Second Act together. 

Victoria Beckham & Eva Longoria are the real deal. 4

Victoria Beckham & Eva Longoria are the real deal.

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Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are true soul sisters. The pair met through David Beckham and Eva's ex-husband Tony Parker--and have been insperable ever since. The Desperate Housewives actress is godmother to Victoria's daughter, Harper. Victoria designed Eva's wedding dress when she married Jose 'Pepe' Antonio Baston.


Kim Kardashian & Lala Anthony have been slaying together for ages. 5

The two besties have been there for each other through thick and thin. After Kim's Paris robbery in 2016, Lala rushed to her side once the reality star landed in New York. The pair have been friends for many years and have been present during each other's biggest milestones.


Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz's friendship is the realest. 6

Drew has been open about how important her friendship with the Cuban-American actress is to her. “If you’re looking for the best dinner-cooking partner and watching-TV-on-the-couch friend, call her,” Drew said during a Q&A with Good Housekeeping. “If someone is in a medical situation, call her! She’s the most loyal, fierce, fun, cozy friend. We have incredible honesty with each other and we work hard on our lives and our friendship.” In July 2017, she shared a photo with her Charlie's Angels costar, and captioned it: "Getting out of your house with your girlfriend. And being a whole person, with your sister. Remember to spend a moment with the ones you love in your busy life. She has made me feel beyond beautiful. Always has. Always will. #thankgodforyourfriends. They rejuvenate and confirm everything."


'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' cast & America Ferrera's friendship stands the test of time. 7

America, Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel and Blake Lively have been as thick as thieves since they starred together in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005. 

Kylie Jenner & Ariel Tejada's friendship goes beyond the glam. 8

Kylie holds her friends close. The reality star’s close-knit team not only helps her with her business and keeps her looking glamorous, but she’s also built really great relationships with them. Her makeup artist, Ariel, and the makeup mogul share such a fun friendship, and he’s even been seen teaching her Spanish and how to dance merengue. Now that’s a good friend!


Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello make the best BFF duo. 9

They've been fighting dating rumors forever but that hasn't affected their friendship. Not only can they make hits together, but the pair has been holding each other down since they became friends. Shawn even came to Camila's defense after she left Fifth Harmony. What a great friend!

Ariana Grande & Alfredo Flores are building the best memories together. 10

Ariana has become BFFs with her photographer Alfredo Flores. The pair travel the world together and not only is he busy snapping the most gorgeous photos of the singer, but they’re also building a super tight bond as they go.