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Sometimes love finds you when you're least expecting it. That was the case for Becky G and her boyfriend, Sebastian Lletget. The pair met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago and have been inseparable ever since. 

The good-looking couple started dating in June 2016 and they have been showing each other what love is all about since then. The duo have been supporting each other through the highs and lows of their careers and sharing some beautiful moments together. 

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The "Mayores" singer has previously opened up about how they met and why she wasn't expecting to fall in love when Sebastian walked into her life. She said they met through her Power Rangers costar, Naomi Scott, at a time where Becky was closed off from relationships after her previous romance with Austin Mahone.

The pair have since continuously gushed about each other on social media and share the most loving photos of their lives together. Take a look at a timeline of Becky and Sebastian's super cute relationship. 

Becky opened up about how she met her guy. 1

"[Our introduction] kind of came about while we were filming the movie. The way we got introduced, me and Sebastian, was through my co-star Naomi. Her husband--she's 23, they've been married for a couple years now--and [him] played soccer together, him and Sebastian. So Nae met me and was like, 'Girl, you're awesome! You deserve to be with a man!'" Becky said during an interview at La Mega. "I was like, 'Nah, I don't want to be with anybody. I've been there, done that [with] the relationship thing. I'm focused right now. I'm good. I'm good.' She's like, 'It's fine, it's fine, I already know who you're going to marry. It's fine, it's fine.'"

She continued: "She's talking to her husband and he's like, 'Oh yeah, Sebby, Sebby.' And I'm like, who's this Sebby guy? What are they talking about? Then she shows me a video of him, and I'm trying to downplay it like because I'm like, 'He's fine, good-looking. What is going on?' It kind of all led to that. He came out of nowhere. He came out of nowhere."


Becky and Sebastian made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Latin AMAs. 2

Becky and Sebastian made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Latin AMAs.

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The gorgeous couple made their relationship red carpet official at the 2016 Latin American Music Awards at Dolby Theatre on October 6, 2016. The pair looked stunning, with the singer wearing a curve-hugging gold dress, and the soccer star looked dapper in a classic black suit. She shared an Instagram photo of them together and captioned it: "Thanks to my amazing glam team for making it all happen tonight. Also, thank you to my man for standing by my side. ❤️."


The couple had a deep conversation on their first date. 3

Becky opened up about their first date in an Instagram post in January 2017, while she was giving her boo a shout-out. "Such a proud moment yesterday watching you walk out onto the field with that jersey on. I don't know anyone more deserving of this opportunity. On our first date we talked about everything under the moon...literally. I remember specifically stuffing my face with sushi and talking about our dreams, goals and visions for where we see ourselves... everything we talked about on that date we are now doing or working towards," she captioned the snap. "Crazy how fast time has flown by. I adore that you are a man of your word. That you are a man with ambition. You're inspiring to so many, especially me. I'm proud of you."

Becky quickly taught her boyfriend about her Mexican culture. 4

"Teaching him our Mexican ways 😂❤️ @theylovedaboy," she captioned a video of them dancing in May 2016. 


Becky is her boyfriend's biggest fan. 5

Becky has been rooting for Sebastian since they started dating. She often shares posts congratulating him for his hard work and has been spotted supporting him during his soccer matches. 


Things got really spooky on their first Halloween together. 6

Becky shared a hot pic of herself with her man covered in fake bloody wounds on Halloween 2016. She captioned the snap: "Trick-or-Treat."


They had a lot to be grateful for during the holidays. 7

"To that one time in Vegas at 3:30am deciding we'd take our first Christmas picture together. 🎄😂 ❤️ Santa brought him early to me this year. 😉 Best present ever ✨," she captioned a silly pic of them in front of a Christmas tree in December 2016.

They brought in the new year together in 2017. 8

"Brought in the new year with my love. ❤️," she captioned the snap on January 1, 2017.


She has been by his side through the good and bad times. 9

In April 2017, the LA Galaxy player had to undergoe surgery, but his girl stuck by him. "Surgery was a success! The healing process begins. I don't know how to even begin to describe the gratitude I have towards this angel right here. Going to be a long journey, but having you next to me has made it so much easier," he captioned a photo of Becky standing by his side at the hospital. 

Becky showed her appreciation for her guy in a sizzling photo of them in bathing suits. 10

"Just me and my person. We're currently in the car listening to ratchet ass Bay Area music and I just wanted to take a second to share my appreciation for him," she captioned the snap in June 2017. "Through the highs and lows he manages to hold it down for me. I'm grateful. I like doing life with you. You're real. I like that shit. #honestpost."


They gushed about each other on their anniversary. 11

The pair celebrated their anniversary on June 3, 2017. "You've had my heart since day 1. I've been falling more and more in love with you ever since. Happy anniversary my love. Blessed to have you in my life," she captioned a photo of herself wearing his soccer jersey with his hand around her waist. He shared an adorable photo of them together on his Instagram and captioned it: "I'm convinced we were meant for this. The last 12 months we spent together, have been one of the best times of my life. I'm in love with you. I will not stop loving you. Happy 1 year amor."

She showered him with love on his special day. 12

For his birthday in September 2017, Becky shared a series of photos of them together and wrote a lengthy caption about him. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PERSON! I'm happy you were born. I'm beyond grateful to be a part of your journey in life," she wrote. "I can't thank god enough for bringing our paths together. I'm so sad that I can't be with you on your special day but I promise we will celebrate when we both get back home! ❤️ I love you! Hope you have a special day. I wish you many more years of health, positivity, strength, success, and most importantly, happiness. 💋😘🤗."


Sebastian cheers her on when things are going well in her career. 13

"Came home to these beautiful flowers to congratulate me on all the success of 'Mayores" 💋 for me, the littlest things mean the most. This means so much to me," she captioned a pic of a bouquet of roses in September 2017. "Also made me realize that all these things in my career are finally looking up, a reminder that there's so much to be thankful for. Still processing it all. Thank you so much Sebastian. 🌹"

Becky revealed love found her when she was least expecting it. 14

"They say to not go searching for love, just let it find you. In the midst of all the craziness in life, it came to me," she wrote on Thanksgiving 2017. "I wasn’t looking to fall in love, I know you sure as hell weren’t either. But here we are. I’m thankful for our time together. Very thankful."


Sebastian knows how to support his girl. 15

When Becky hosted the 2017 Latin AMAs, the soccer player wrote a sweet tribute to her on Instagram. "This night was special for many reasons," he captioned a photo of her on the red carpet. "Just to see someone take on a huge challenge and make it look as effortless as you did was truly a sight to see. The beauty is in the struggle and you’ve had your fair share of battles to get to where you are today. No one can take that away from you. Keep on inspiring✊🏼❤️."

Sebastian expresses his gratitude for having Becky by his side during tough times. 16

In December 2017, he shared an adorable photo of them together and captioned it: "Wouldn’t have been able to make it through the toughest year of my life without you." On Valentine's Day 2018, he wrote: "My WCW, my Valentine and my crutch when I couldn’t even walk. What a blessing you’ve been."


Sebastian always shows Becky some major love on her birthday and special occasions. 17

"Happy birthday cutie, love everything about you. Can’t emphasize this enough," he wrote for her birthday in March 2018. "It’s always a special feeling to witness someone’s growth and to be right here next to you experiencing this has been nothing short of incredible. I love you, keep being a rockstar and Inglewood’s finest. You’ve won the hearts of so many, but nobody more than mine. 🎈"