Courtesy of Jackie Cruz

Acting and singing are two completely different things, but that hasn't stopped some our favorite Latino thespians from giving it a try. And as you'd expect, they've had mixed results. The latest effort comes from Jackie Cruz, La Flaca in Orange is the New Black. But before her were many other actros--the likes of Jennifer Lopez, the talented Jaime Camil and even Eiza González.

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In some cases, like in Cruz's, the dream was to be a performing artist. In their mind, acting and singing were part of the same goal and they didn't take either lightly. 

Other actors, like Quantico's Aaron Díaz gave music a try to increase their visibility in front of their fans. In his case it was a fail. Jane the Virgin's Jaime Camil, on the other hand, is loving being part of Chicago.

Take a look at the successful actors that have give music a try. Some of their motivations and voices will give you a BIG surprise.

OITNB's Jackie Cruz has dreamed of being a singer and an actress since she was a kid. 1

Her first important gig was as an actress, with her role of Marisol "La Flaca" in Netflix's Orange Is The New Black. But she never lost sight of her goal and is making her dream come true.

Cruz is executive producing and financing her first album La Hija de Chávez (Chávez is her real last name BTW). That's a huge commitment. Her first single "La hora loca" is empowering and she dedicates it to her abuela, who is the Melba you hear about in the first seconds of the song. Brava!


Oscar Isaac is one of those people who seems to do everything well. 2

He is not only an inspired and versatile actor--his resume includes roles in movies that go from Star Wars and X-Men to Ex Machina and A Most Violent Year--but a talented musician who loves to sing and play the guitar. In fact, he was able to portray the fictional Llewyn Davis masterfully in the Cohen Brothers' tragicomedy Inside Llewyn Davis because of his acting and musical talent.

He was even the leading singer in Miami's ska-punk band The Blinking Underdogs in the early 2000s. This video was shot by his now wife and mother of his child Elvira Lind, so even if his music is at the moment a hobby, playing the guitar so well has paid off big time.


Aaron Díaz gave singing a shot almost a decade ago. 4

It was 2009 and the critics were rough. Some feared that his career as a telenovela actor could be affected. It was that bad.

Nowadays, the singer is focusing more on his family with wife Lola Ponce, who is a big star in Argentina and Europe.


Gael García Bernal surprised us as a singer in 'Coco.' 5

He sang "Remember me" at the 2018 Oscars. To be honest, he is a much better actor, but he gets 100 for trying and looking so sweet at it.


Telenovela super star Angelique Boyer was in a teen band. 6

She actually became famous while singing in Rabanitos Verdes. Boyer went on to be part of the band C3Q'S, a spin off of Rebelde in 2006, but  gave music up soon after. It was a gamble, but she does love being an actress a lot more.


Jaime Camil has made a BIG dream come true this year. 7

Camil became part of the nationwide tour of Chicago when he played Billy Flynn, the leading role, during the tour's stop in Miami back in May 2018. Before that, he had played Flynn on the Great White Way back in 2016.

Until now, his musical career had been limited to a mildly successful album, and singing the main songs of his telenovelas. He killed it in Miami and the Broadway show has given him an ever big exposure.

Eiza Gonzalez has tried to develop a singing career. 8

Eiza is actually really good. Her last serious effort was in 2012, when she sang "Me puedes pedir lo que sea," a collaboration with Marconi. The song was part of the soundtrack of her telenovela Amores Verdaderos

Eiza moved to Hollywood soon after and has focused on her acting career ever since. 


David Zepeda keeps trying to make it as a singer. 9

"I really love to sing," the telenovela hunk told MamásLatinas when he promoted his 2017 telenovela La doble vida de Estela Carrillo. He dropped an album in 2015 with little success, but he has vowed to keep trying.

Aracely Arámbula started acting in teen telenovelas. 10

Then Aracely tried singing and didn't do too bad. The Mexican actress even got three nominations to the Latin Billboard awards in 2003. 

She put her career on hold when she started dating Luis Miguel-- really, who can compete with El Sol?--and she hasn't been able to produce a new album ever since. But Telemundo tapped into her talent and put her to work singing the theme songs for her telenovelas La Patrona and La Doña.


Saintly hunk Eduardo Verastegui was part of trio Kairo. 11

Before turning his devotion to religion, Verastegui tried the singing thing between 1994 and 1996. The Mexican actor attempted to develop a career as crooner, but eventually gave it up. At least, for now.

Verastegui went on to star in telenovelas, until 2003, when he started to do movies such as Mall Cop 2 and Little Boy.

Alicia Machado likes to try everything, including singing. 12

The Venezuelan actress wrote and produced her two albums, Alicia Machado in 2004 and Si se Acabara el Mundo in 2010.

Since then, she has focused in her daughter Dinorah, acting, activism and her business.