Lupillo Rivera's wife, Mayeli, challenges the singer to confirm or deny the cheating rumors

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The divorce fight between Lupillo Rivera and wife, Mayeli, seems to be getting ugly. The former reality TV star gave a new TV interview where she spoke out against the singer, even publicly challenging him to reveal whether or not she cheated on him, as it has been speculated since the news of their divorce broke on May 4.  

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Although she kept repeating that her lawyers had forbbiden her from speaking about the case, during this new interview on Univision's El Gordo y la Flaca, Mayeli did speak about her husband, with whom she said "there is nothing to work on." 

Here's what she had to say when asked if she cheated on Lupillo, as it has been speculated.

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"Ask him! Ask him to either confirm [the rumor] or deny it[...] I already defended myself on social media and I would really like for you to ask him to tell you what happened exactly, if he wants to sit down and talk about that really happened," she told the reporter from El Gordo y la Flaca.

Another rumor that has been circulating is that it might have been Lupillo the one who cheated. Would Mayeli forgive an infidelity? "Who am I to forgive?" she answered. "The only one that can forgive is God."


Is Mayeli willing to work things out with her husband for the sake of their two children?

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"No. I would have liked to work things out yesterday. I mean, I want the divorce since, like, yesterday. There is nothing to work on," she said.


She was the one who deleted Lupillo's Instagram right after he filed for divorce.

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"Yes, [I did], but ask him why I did it [...] If I say anything, then that's going to lead to something else and then something else," said Mayeli. "I really don't want any problems with him or with anybody, and my lawyers have forbidden me from saying anything I shouldn't."

Mayeli reacted to the reports that Lupillo was the one who financed her makeup business.

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"He supported me [but] I worked with him. I saved [my earnings] and that's how I made my money," she explained. "He was there for me the same way that I was always there for him from day one since I married him. I gave him a lot of support in his career and in every other aspect of his life."

The founder of the Drama Queen cosmetic line added, "Nobody made me who I am today. God made me, my parents made me, I made myself. Here, a last name has no weight, because if that were the case, then everyone with the last name Fernandez or Aguilar or Perez would be a bad-ass at making money, but everyone has to work hard to earn their own living."


Meanwhile, Lupillo recently denied having asked for alimony from his wife.

It had initially been reported that in his divorce filing the singer was asking for alimony from his wife. However, on a video that has surfaced online from his recent visit to his formerly estranged mother, Doña Rosa, Lupillo denied having asked for spousal support from his wife.

He explained that when someone files for divorce, the box on the document that indicates that the filing spouse seeking spousal support already comes checked. "Mom, you know that I have never asked anybody for help, except for my dad," Lupillo told his mother. 

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