Lupillo Rivera's ex, Mayeli, offers explosive new details about their divorce

lupillo rivera y su esosa Mayeli Rivera
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"At peace," that is how Mayeli Rivera says she feels after husband, Lupillo Rivera, filed for divorce last Friday, after 12 years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences." Now, amid rumors of a possible infidelity on her part, Mayeli offered explosive new details about the breakup. 

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In what marks her first TV interview since the news of her divorce broke last week, Mayeli spoke openly about the breakup, offering new details we didn't know until now. "Yes, we are divorcing; well, not yet because I haven't been served the divorce papers," she said during her interview on Estrella TV's morning show Buenos Días Familia. "I learned that he had filed for divorce, [but] we had already agreed to it mutually, don't think that I just got the news by surprise, it was something we had spoken about; as a matter of fact, I was the one who was going to file, but I didn't have time." 

She addressed the cheating rumors.

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"It was not because of an infidelity, I can assure you that. There was no cheating on my part, there isn't a third person involved," she said, adding that the breakup was not caused by her husband cheating either. "A 15-year marriage does not end because of a third person, nor does it end in 15 days. So, it is weird to me, all of this feels very weird, but well, it is the reality."



Here's what she said about her husband, Lupillo.

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"I am at peace, I'm not worried about what he has to say, it's not like I'm losing sleep over it," Mayeli said about her husband confirming to the press that he filed for divorce. 

As for whether or not she and Lupillo have been speaking after he filed for divorce, she said, "If we couldn't communicate during our marriage, now that we have separated, not at all."

And, when did the love between them end? "I will never stop loving him," she said. "To me, he will always be a special person. He's the father of my kids, an amazing father, a human being full of love in his heart. But, maybe his love for me ended, but I will always love him, always."


Mayeli restated that her lawyers are looking into a possible lawsuit against a TV show that reported that she may have cheated on Lupillo.

"Yes, my lawyers are looking into it, because you can hear many rumors and you can get calls telling you many things, but you cannot affirm something of which you are not sure; they didn't even ask me," she said of the TV show that reported on the rumors. "If they had asked me and I would have said 'maybe' or 'yes' or 'no'. And, at the end of the day, I don't need to deny anything. If I do something, be it good or bad, I take responsibility for my acts."

She added, "A divorce is between two people, a marriage is between two people. So, we should have worked things out between the two of us before [it was made public]. I don't have anymore details to offer because  this a private matter." 

The one thing she is worried about is her kids.

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"I have spoken to the kids [about the divorce]," Mayeli said of the couple's children, 13-year-old Lupita Karisma and 9-year-old L'Rey. "As a matter of fact, my daughter is the one feeling sadder, which worries me a little bit more, that is why I want to end things peacefully."

And speaking of the children, a couple of days ago Lupillo had asked reporters for respect for his children during this process. "The only thing I ask is that you are respectful to my kids," the singer told reporters. "I have two young children, whom I respect a lot. I am not going to speak about this anymore. I know you are interested in the story, but out of the respect and love I have for my children[...] I already confirmed that we are divorcing, I know nothing about the processes, but that's it."


The singer posted this video on Twitter, saying that it is his fans who keep him going.

The singer thanked his San Diego fans on Twitter. "San Diego... thank you for all your support... it was an incredible afternoon... only you, my fans, keep me going. I love you, raza," he tweeted after a concert in said city. Meanwhile, shortly after the news of his divorce broke, the singer deleted his Instagram account. 



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