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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took their relationship to a whole new level with the purchase of their first home together in New York City in March 2018. The powerful Latino couple dropped $15.3 million for one of the most luxurious addresses in the Big Apple, but the pair put their pad up for sale just 10 months later. They made more than a $2 million profit when they sold it for $17.5 million in June 2019, according to Architectural Digest.

That might seem like a hefty price tag for an apartment, but one look at the inside of the place and it's clear to see why they made the purchase in the first place. While it might seem like a red flag for the relationship that they're already getting rid of the property they purchased together, there have been other reports that they are actually looking for a bigger space to buy downtown. 

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The Park Avenue apartment didn't have enough space for the couple and their children. "They love the building, but when their kids are all together, it's too small. They need something bigger for the family," a source told the New York Post about the couple, who each have two kids from previous marriages. "They love the services, the amenities--they use the gym, they use the boardroom for meetings. But for the size of their family, they need something much larger."

J.Lo and A-Rod have started merging their lives and assets together and that's a pretty big deal--but it makes sense now that they're about to tie the knot. The fact that they did it in their hometown makes it even more significant. Have a look inside the home the new lucky buyer is about to enjoy and get ready to have some serious #lifegoals.

The building 432 Park Ave is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. 1

With the apartment located on the 36th floor, it's safe to say that whoever buys it isn't afraid of heights.


The main living room is spectacular. 2

Those windows will provide so much light during the day and such wonderful views at night. It does embody the luxury of Park Avenue and the beauty of New York City.


This is what they call the library. 3

For us mere mortals, this space could be called the den. Judging by its size, it can also be easily made into another bedroom, if needed.

The dining room is generously sized. 4

Did you see the parquet floor in a chevron pattern? It's modern, chic, and classic at the same time.


The kitchen is gorgeous. 5

But the view is what really steals the show. It overlooks the most famous park in the world: Central Park!


Can you imagine having your breakfast here? 6

A view like this would make it really hard to leave the house. Just beautiful.


The master bathroom is clean and minimalist. 7

But the city puts up a gorgeous show after sundown with all the lights on. They won't need candles to create a romantic ambience.

The amenities in the luxurious building are amazing. 8

They have their own movie theaters. We can only imagine how many movie screenings the family could have had in there.


The spa makes you feel relaxed just looking at it. 9

The power couple probably has their own personal masseuse who comes to them for whatever treatment they might need, so this room would've come in handy for them.

Guess who loves to exercise? 10

A-Rod and J.Lo love to put in hours at the gym every day, so having access their own gym in their building seems like a necessity for them. There's no denying they make working out look good.


Having a private indoor pool in New York is always a good idea. 11

Who needs a gym membership with a pool when you have a semi-private one?

Believe it or not, even at that price, Jen and Alex's apartment is far from being the most expensive one in the building. 12


Right now, there are four other apartments for sale. The penthouse will set you back $82 million.


You would think that 4,003 square foot home would be plenty of space for their family of six. 13

It has three bedrooms and a library, plus 4 1/2 bathrooms. Twins Max and Emme, J.Lo's kids, live mostly with her. And the former baseball star's daughters primary residence is in Miami.