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Daniela Vega, a 28-year-old actress and singer from Chile, introduced composer Sufjan Stevens' performance at the 2018 Oscars, and now everyone wants to know exactly who she is and how she made it to the Academy Awards stage.

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In recent years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has received a lot of flack due to a lack of diversity amongst both nominees and winners, and this year, they clearly made some attempt to shake things up. Vega, is a transgender woman and the first to ever present at the Oscars in its entire 90-year history.

Who is she? 1

Who is she?

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Over the past few years, Daniela Vega has been busy making a name for herself in the international film world, appearing in 2014's The Guest, directed by Mauricio Lopez Fernandez, and starring in last year's A Fantastic Woman.



A Fantastic Woman. 2

A Fantastic Woman.

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Originally hired as a consultant on Sebastian Lelio's A Fantastic Woman, Daniela and the screenwriter-director hit it off and she ended up landing the starring role.


The ideal fit to present in the category she did. 3


The decision to make Vega a presenter was almost too obvious. Not only would the Oscars make history by having its first openly transgender presenter, but the presenter also starred in the film that would win the Best Foreign Language Film award. Plus, she's also a singer, presenting a musical performance. It was a nice, neat little package for the Academy Awards show producers.

She's also really talented. 4


Though Daniela doesn't have many film credits to her name, she is both a talented actress and opera singer. Sebastian actually rewrote the script so she could take up the starring role and she's even featured on the film's soundtrack.


Daniela is Chilean born and raised. 5

Dani was born and raised in Chile, and has actually never lived anywhere else. Her initial talks with Lelio were all through Skype.

Is she an overnight sensation? 6

In the past year, she's been getting her fair share of attention on the international film scene, but prior to that nobody really knew who she was. She only has two film credits to her name and less than 10 years ago she was still working as a hairstylist and doing some stage acting on the side.


There might be a reason though. 7

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Daniela said that she transitioned when she was just 17 years old, and that she was more focused on the transition than on her career. She apparently started acting to get out of a depression and was discovered while performing in a stage show.

This isn't her first time making history, though. 8

This isn't her first time making history, though.

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Back in December, Daniela also made history when she became the first transgender woman to win Best Actress at the Fenix Awards, an independent awards ceremony for Latin America, Portugal and Spain.


Latinx and making moves. 9

Though she says that she wants to be known more for her work than her gender, Daniela has definitely positioned herself as an LGBTQ advocate and there's every reason to believe she will continue breaking barriers in her work.

We're sure to see more of her now. 10

Between her class and grace at the Oscars and the badass way in which she carriers herself, the public has officially taken notice of Daniela. Her fledgling career will undoubtedly continue to grow and we're excited to see where it takes her.