Cardi B is the new voice of Alexa in Amazon's hilarious Super Bowl commercial


In what promises to be one of the best Super Bowl commercials this year, Cardi B is the new voice of Amazon's Alexa. In the ad, Alexa loses her voice and Amazon is forced to scramble for some well-known replacements. What ensues is brilliant hilarity.

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Alexa's subdued and calming voice is gone, a cold apparently, and employees substitute her with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson and, yes, Cardi B.

The result is nothing short of hysterical, see for yourself!


Amazon started teasing us a few days ago.

Sounds like Alexa might have lost her voice, but who could possibly replace her?

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is pretty funny, maybe next year they'll focus just on him.


Cardi B also started dropping hints she was working with Amazon.

Washpoppin this weekend @Amazon?? #ad

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We didn't know what at the time, but it's better than we could have hoped.


Here's the Amazon ad featuring Cardi B.


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