Netflix has changed our lives for sure, to the point that it's hard to imagine a time when it didn't exist. Netflix is the source of the now popular term binge-watching and dominates how we consume shows and movies. Netflix has also been the source of changing the lives of some Latino celebrities, sometimes even salvaging a star's career or bringing others into the spotlight. Kate del Castillo's career, for example, could have been over without the streaming service. But she's not the only one whose life changed drastically thanks to shows, either because they launched careers or brought some others back to life.


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Earlier this year Netflix's Chief Communications Officer, Jonathan Friedland, told us: "From early on, Netflix has been focused on Latin America and the Latino market in the U.S., not only as a market but as a source of talent." Their efforts have clearly paid off. Many of their shows feature Latino stars, which makes us incredibly happy.

Dascha Polanco rose to stardom after appearing on Orange is the New Black. The Dominicana uses her visibility to make us all aware that we are beautiful as we are by advocating--and living--a body positive life. And there are so many others who are inspiring us like Dascha! Check out other alumni whose career took off thanks to Netflix.