SEE: Sofia Vergara shows off unbelievably tiny waist in bikini selfie

Sofia Vergara/Instagram

In Sofia Vergara's latest bikini selfie, she shows off just how tiny and toned her waist actually is. The 45-year-old's legendary curves are on full display in what's actually a somewhat modest bikini that she's topped with a sheer cover-up.

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Her waist has always been small, but she definitely looks like she's been working out a lot. It can't be easy for someone who is natually curvy to maintain a figure like hers at her age.


Sofia is curvy, but super-slim.

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Sofia is something of a poster girl for women with curvy figures, but her personal photos often showcase how slender she is despite her hourglass shape.


Her waist is really defined.

She has a really well-defined waist with visible abs, and she does a great job of wearing clothing that highlight how slim her waist is. I would love to have the kind of definition she does, but it looks like it probably takes a lot of work!


Her proportions are Marilyn-esque.

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I can't help but think of Marilyn Monroe and her stunning proportions when I see Sofia, especially in this white gown. Her chest and hips are full and curvy, which only makes her waist look smaller.

She must shop very carefully.


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It can't be easy to find clothes that fits her waist, hips and chest. She must shop very carefully or have everything tailored. Dresses with an elastic waist like the one pictured here, probably work well. She's actually photographed a lot in similar looks.


She looks teeny in almost everything.

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Tops that would make many women look a bit bulkier don't even make her waist look bigger. This fitted top with a shorter length reveals no muffin top whatsoever. Whatever she's doing is working!

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