Alex Rodriguez gets annoyed at Jennifer Lopez after getting lost without GPS

Alex Rodriguez shares a video of him annoyed with Jennifer Lopez while lost on the road

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez might seem like the perfect couple but they're a lot more like us than you'd think. Sure, they're probably head-over-heels in love, at least that's how it looks like from the outside. But just like every relationship, they have their challenges and their arguments and apparently they want their fans to know that. In fact, Alex recently shared a video to Instagram Stories of him getting super annoyed with Jennifer while driving. 

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Apparently they had gotten lost on the road and Alex was not about it.

“I can’t believe we’re lost again,” Alex says annoyed. “Can you please tell me where to turn?” Meanwhile J.Lo is in the background with her sunglasses on chilling and giggling the entire time. 


In fact, at one point Alex straight up asks J.Lo why she’s wearing glasses.

“Why are you wearing glasses? It’s nighttime,” Alex asks her. “Because I don’t want you to see me,” she says laughing. I’m telling you, J.Lo was all giggles. 


Apparently they had been lost for a while.

“We have been lost for 45 minutes,” Alex says super annoyed. “No we have not, only like 20,” J.Lo says so unfazed by it all. “And we have a party to host tonight,” Alex finishes off saying. This lost car ride happened on Wednesday night, as in the same night she hosted her famous Taco Wednesday party so you already know why Alex was stressing. 

Fortunately for both of them, they eventually made it.

Alex was relieved and J.Lo was celebrating with a victory dance like she just won a boxing match. “We made it. We’re home. It took us 98 minutes, what should have taken 12 minutes but we're home,” Alex says sounding real salty.


We have no clue how they managed to put this Taco Wednesday party together so fast.

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But they did because according to Kim and others, J.Lo's party was a huge success. 

Considering how on point J.Lo's look was and how impressive the food buffet was, we would have never guessed J.Lo and Alex had been running late.

She had to have received a ton of help though. You know from chefs, makeup artists, and a hairstylist. Right?


J.Lo and Alex bickering is proof that no couple is perfect.

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Not even Jrod! Though we have to admit, their selfies are pretty near perfect. 

The next time you find yourself comparing your relationship to Jrod's ...

Just make sure to watch this entire Instagram Stories car ride in full. You'll feel a lot better. We promise!

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