Kim Kardashian/Twitter

For the first time in a decade, Kylie Jenner was absent in her family's Christmas card. Fans and haters were upset and intrigued. Many, including us, thought that Kylie was waiting to confirm her pregnancy and reveal her figure on Christmas. Needless to say, we were wrong and the internet is having a field day with it.

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Kim Kardashian has been publishing different photos related to the card each day since December 1. Of course the pictures included Kanye, all of the Kardashian grandchildren, as well as Kris Jenner, her grandma Mary-Jo and her sisters except Kylie. The final reveal on the 25th confirmed Kylie's absence from the Christmas card picture.

Kylie is allegedly pregnant and no one has been able to get a peek of her growing belly ever since news broke in September. Since Khloé confirmed she is expecting on December 21st, it wasn't crazy to think that Kylie came next, but she wasn't even on the card.

Here are the funniest reactions and more than one conspiracy theory.

This was the image posted on December 25th. 1

It is also what made people lose all hope of seeing Kylie on the card.


We were all looking for her. 2

It wasn't only Kim!


We told you everyone who follows the Kardashians expected this. 3

It was like for many people Kylie's belly was the real reason to celebrate Christmas.

Her absence had to be due to something major. 4

We don't see Kris being this understanding otherwise.


I wonder which friend was that? 5

Wait, maybe it was us! Now we really want to know more about Kylie's pregnancy. Is it real?


That is the question! 6

Althought wanting the FBI is overkill.


Kylie is the queen of makeup! 7

But no concealer is that good!!!

Many people were doing the same thing. 8

We're not admitting nor denying to checking Kim's twitter feed several times looking for Kylie...


People really want to know. 9

It's not hard to imagine some going as far as to yell at their phones.

It seems that some people don't have problem creating what they want to see! 10

The power of Photoshop.


This is too funny. 11

Dan Brown needs to focus his new book on this. LOL.

It would seem that she is hidding herself. 12

I hope that if Kylie is really pregnant she is happy about it. There are many rumors swirling about her fights with alleged baby daddy Travis Scott.

It can't be easy to be expecting and single at 20, even harder when it feels that the whole world is watching your every move. Let's hope that Kylie has a healthy pregnancy and that she is just taking her time to share it with us.