SEE: Marc Anthony shares sweet pic with his teen sons & they are his clones!

Marc Anthony
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Singer Marc Anthony--who rarely shares personal photos on social media--recently took a selfie with his two teenaged sons, and the resemblance to their papi is absolutely uncanny. We also can't help but notice how happy the three of them look together. It's so nice to see, especially since it seems like 2017 was kind of a bittersweet year for Marc.

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Though he's super-active on social media, it isn't often that Marc shares photos from his personal life. But, the singer lost his mother very suddenly back in July of this year, which has to put things into perspective a bit. It certainly must have been awful to go through, and spending the end of the year with his kids must mean a lot to him.

These boys are the spitting image of their father.

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Marc is actually a father to six kids. We usually only see him with Max and Emme whom he had with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez and are actually his youngest. This selfie shows his sons with his first wife Dayanara Torres and they are 16 and 14.


He's been hanging with extended family as well.

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Earlier this month, Marc shared a picture of himself alongside some older family members. He's fond of the hashtag #lafam.


J.Lo shared an amazing photo of Marc and all his kids.

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J.Lo got some flack for not posting about the death of Marc's mother immediately after she passed away, but when she finally did, it was with this stunning photo of Marc finding comfort in some quality time with all six of his children. It's enough to give anyone the feels.

Marc has inducted some new members into the family.

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Marc's been dating 21-year-old Mariana Downing for a few months now and has a slew of close celeb friends including fellow Latino singer Maluma, whom he considers to be like family.


He has some classic daddy moments too.

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Marc is kind of well-known for his smooth demeanor, but even the coolest celeb dads can't escape the sweetness of their little girls. Earlier in the year, he posted a pic of nine-year-old Emme painting his nails. Too funny!

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