Jenni Rivera's daughter Jacqie files for divorce

Jacqie Campos confirms her divorce on Instagram

The Rivera family has been going through a lot lately. First they had to deal with the overwhelming criticism that came with the late Jenni Rivera's son Juan Angel (a.k.a Johnny) recently coming out as gay. And now it appears that her daughter Jacquelin Melina Campos has been going through some marriage issues. She recently shared a very heartfelt post to her followers on IG about how her and her husband Mike are in the process of divorcing after five years of marriage. We did NOT see this coming!

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As public as the Riveras are with their lives, Jacqie has never before shared any issues regarding her relationship with her husband. The fact that she chose to share this much about what's going on in her marriage proves that things really have been rough lately and it breaks our hearts. 

She posted an Image that said “Dear Followers" to Instagram.

"To my dear followers, As you know, I have made it a point to include you guys in the best and worst moments of my life,” she captioned the post. "So I don’t want to leave you behind on this. Mike and I are in the process of our divorce. The people closest to me already know and their support has been such a great help. But, I didn’t want to leave you all out as you all have also been with me through all moments of my life.” 


But she also asked for her fans and followers to respect her privacy.

“As respect to both Mike and I and our families, I ask that you all kindly refrain from posting any comments regarding the divorce. Whether they be sad, religious, or your personal opinions. As I’m sure many of you can understand, divorces are between two people. And even though we are public figures, I want to protect the little privacy we do have not only for Mike’s and my heart but mainly for our kids.”


So if she wants privacy, why would she share this on IG you ask?

Apparently she has a lot of love for her fans. “I am simply posting this because I care for you all and I know many of you have had questions and concerns about the status of our relationship. I wanted to be the one to confirm to you, all in efforts to silence any doubts,” she wrote. 

She deleted all the family pics with Mike from her IG.

She only has pictures with her kids, of her kids, her siblings, and throwbacks of her mom. 


We can't help but wonder what Jenni Rivera would think of all this.

Jenni looked so proud in this throwback pic Jacqie shared in 2015 of the two of them on her wedding day. Jacqie's wedding to Mike Campos in November 2012, a lavish and televised affair, was only a few weeks before Jenni's untimely death.

We wish Jacqie nothing but the best and have no doubt she'll move on with dignity and grace.

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