It's not easy to be in the middle of a cheating scandal. Hearts get broken, egos bruised and families destroyed. But it has to sting way more when the whole world knows about it. Just ask telenovela star Geraldine Bazán, who saw Gabriel Soto, her partner of 10 years, admit on national TV that he had been unfaithful. Jennifer López, Eva Longoria and Christina Milian have all been affected by cheating men, too.


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It's not only Latinas who get cheated on, or even women, of course. But the list of our celebrities that have been both cheated on or have been unfaithful is long, and in some cases hard to believe.

If anything, it proves that infidelity is never about the victim's looks or even personality, but about the insecurities and needs of the cheater. Take a look at this stories and you will see it's true.

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