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Lupillo Rivera and his dad Pedro Rivera traveled recently to the place where Jenni Rivera's remains were found, after the terrible accident that took her from us on December 9, 2012. There is nothing wrong with that, right? Well, wrong. They recorded a music video there and it was unfortunate.


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Jenni's brother and dad should know better. The five-year-old feud between El Toro del Corrido and his brothers, Pedro, Juan and Gustavo, and sister, Rosie, is centered on how each one mourned La Diva de la Banda. Did Lupillo think that going to that sacred place, singing and then posting the video of the song on YouTube was going to improve the beef with his family?

What about Doña Rosa? Jenni's mom is visibly sad whenever she talks about Lupillo. Everyone mourns the best way they can, but there's really no need to antagonize your family. I've compiled some background and some other instances so you can understand the complex history of this family a bit better.

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