Cardi B finally explains to die-hard fans why she called herself "Trap Selena"

Cardi B clears up Trap Selena rumors

Cardi B
pissed off Selena Quintanilla fans with her verse on Migos' "Motor Sport" where she compared herself to the late Tejano singer. "Let me wrap my weave up, I'm the trap Selena," the lyric said. People went in on Twitter but the "Bodak Yellow" rapper is here to finally set the record straight. 


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Cardi B comparing herself to a trap Selena is offensive to die-hard Selena fans. Why? Because they feel like no one compares to the iconic Mexican singer, and it's kind of true. No one will ever be Selena, and to compare themselves to her is kind of cray, no? 

Selena was everything and still is. 


Not even Jennifer Lopez, who played Selena in the biopic about the singer's life, has tried to compare herself. Because she knows better.



But Cardi B is here to clarify and let folks know that she isn't by any means trying to say she's Selena. 

Cardi B clears up Trap Selena rumors

How can we even be mad at that response? We've all loved--and still love-- Selena. Cardi's response was flawless and we SO get it!


Keep doing your thing, Cardi! We hear you!


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