Becky G has been accused of pedophilia & here's the problem with that

Becky G is accused of pedophilia in Mexico

It seems as if there's a new sexual allegation in Hollywood made every day. The latest, though, is beyond unexpected. Becky G was recently accused of pedophilia following a viral video of girls singing the song "Mayores" in Mexico, and we really can't wrap our brains around how insane this accusation is. 


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Everyone's been talking about Becky G's latest hit, "Mayores." Not only is the beat catchy, but the lyrics have been described as controversial. The entire song is about a woman wanting an older man, hence the song's title, and it's pretty sexual, to say the least. For someone Becky G's age, this probably isn't such a big deal because she's 20-years-old. But for a minor, which a lot of her fans are, it's problematic.

Here's where things get messy. Before I get to it, keep in mind that there's even a lyric in there that says, "I like them bigger. That doesn't fit in my mouth."

Becky G has been accused in Mexico of pedophilia after a controversal video of a group of minors singing the song went viral. That's right, the video clip shows a group teens, preteens and even kids in a massive crowd singing the song. 

With that said, I can't help but find the accusation made against Becky G completely unfair. Did she take a risk writing a song like this knowing a lot of her fans are underage? Absolutely, but that certainly and absolutely does not make her a pedophile. Not to mention, male artists have written much more X-rated songs. She even said it herself.

"There are very sexy songs in the urban genre but it's usually sang by men," Becky G said in her defense. "Is "Despacito" really just about dancing? Or what about what Enrique Iglesias says before singing: Only in your mouth, I want to finish?

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She has a point, people.

The truth is there's a lot of double standards in the music industry, especially in the Latin urban music world. Female artists are instantly seen as role models and they receive the same pressure to be sexy as they do to be "clean and kid-friendly." Meanwhile, male artists in these genres do not. I don't see anyone giving Maluma crap for "Felices los 4" which is basically a song about foursomes. 

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Becky G's song has ranked number 41 on Spotify and has been one of the most played songs in 2017, so let's let the girl live!

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