Kylie Jenner plays Never Have I Ever on YouTube & reveals everything but her belly

kylie jenner never have i ever
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

In a festive video posted to her YouTube channel, Kylie Jenner--who we all assume is actually pregnant at this point--revealed all in a holiday-themed game of Never Have I Ever with BFFs Jordyn Woods and Victoria Villarroel. There was only one thing the reality star kept under wraps: her baby bump.


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Well, at least she tried to hide her baby bump, but there were plenty of hints in the video that lead us to believe that Kylie is really expecting. She's definitely kept an under-the-radar life lately. And what she shares on social media has quite obviously shifted away from bikini-body shots and racy belfies to more conservative, covered-up pics and promos for her beauty line.

And her latest YouTube video is totally in keeping with that trend. Have a look:

The entire video was shot from the waist up, the friends were conveniently donning oversized ugly Chirstmas sweaters and instead of playing the game with sips of alchohol, the girls were drinking hot tea.

Well, I guess Kylie and Jordyn are both underage, but I'm pretty sure they've been spotted drinking before, so it wouldn't have been surprising to see them sipping hot toddies instead of hot tea.

Another observation: Kylie--undoubtedly the most famous of the three--chose not to sit in the middle. Victoria sat in the middle, flanked by Jordyn and Kylie. Kylie even looked to be the same size as Jordyn who is works as a plus-size model. It's gotta be baby weight, right?

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